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Meet Anastasia N. Ali, Tatyana Ali’s Sister


Anastasia N. Ali is a celebrity producer and actress. She came into the limelight because of her career but also because of her sisters. Anastasia’s two sisters have had roles as actresses, and their close similarity has made many fans curious about the sisters.

Anastasia and her sisters have captured the public’s attention because of their ability to support each other. They have worked on a few projects together, including music videos and charity events, and their bond seems unbreakable.

Tatyana Ali, Anastasia’s sister, is also an actress, and he came into the limelight after she acted alongside Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of BelAir. Tatyana played the role of Ashley Banks; since then, she has become a big name, recognized by almost everyone.

Kimberley Ali is the other sibling of Anastasia, and like her sisters, she is also into acting, featuring in various films like The Nanny, The Royal Family, and Ricochet.

Anastasia’s Parents

Sheriff and Sonia Ali are the parents behind Anastasia’s fame. While the actress and producer has thanked her parents for their support, they played a massive role in shaping who she is. Her father is a retired police officer from Trinidad, although not much information about him has been shared in the media.

Sonia Ali, Anastasia’s mother, is a nurse from Panama, and she played a massive role in shaping her daughter. As much as Sonia wanted to protect her girls, she wanted them to experience life and learn from their mistakes.

Sonia accompanied her daughter Anastasia to productions, and she has appeared at events alongside her daughters. Anastasia’s parents had different approaches to parenting, but they played great roles in shaping their future.

Besides Anastasia’s parents supporting her and her siblings in their careers, they allow them to join the religion of their preference. As a result, the actress has acknowledged that she will emulate her parents in raising her kids, letting them have a choice.

 Anastasia N. Ali’s Net Worth

Anastasia Ali is a famed actress and producer who has made a good fortune from her career. She is estimated to have a net worth of $5 million as of 2023, and this is because of her career.

Anastasia has been in the entertainment for many years, and the many recurring roles she has had have enabled her to make wealth. She acted in Love That Girl in 2010, Buppies in 2009, and The Astrologist: Pices in 2001, among many others.

Who is Tatyana Ali?

Tatyana Ali is Anastasia’s sister and actress. Tatyana was born in 1979, and she began her career early in 1985 as a regular performer on Sesame Street, a children’s educational program. Tatyana did a course in political science, but she started citing professionally in the 1980s.

In 1990, Tatyiana had a breakthrough when she was featured in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air alongside Will Smith. She was part of the entire series that ran from 1990 to 1996, and since then, she has been part of many films.

The celebrity actress married Vaughn Raspberry in 2016, and they are proud parents to two children. The marital status of Anastasia is unknown.