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Who is Arabella Chavers Julien? Meet the Late Max Julien’s Wife


Arabella Chavers Julien was on the ladder of most netizens upon the death of her husband, Max Julien, in 2022. Some did not know her well, and they were curious to know who the wife of the late actor was. Max Julien is an American actor, clothes designer and sculptor known for appearing in The Mack.

Personal Life

Arabella Chavers Julien has kept her personal details from the internet for unique reasons. Little is known about her background, siblings and parents; however, she is friendly and lovely. Regarding her love life, it is unclear if she dated anyone before meeting Max Julien.

Max and Arabella Chavers married on April 21, 1991, and were together for thirty-one years. The couple loved each other, and nothing seemed to come between them. It was such a loss for Arabella when Max died in 2022; he left a void nobody else could fill.

Her Husband

Arabella’s husband was born in July 1933 in Washington, DC. He grew up and went to school in his home town, and upon completing high school, he joined Howard University, graduating on December 4, 1954. After completing his college education, Max started doing various jobs to be able to cater for his financial needs.

The Major Work of Arabella’s Late Husband

Max Julien started his acting career in the 1960s by making stage appearances in Off-Broadway plays. One of his first roles was in the play Shakespeare-In-The-Park. As a starting actor, Max performed in various plays in New York City before moving to Hollywood for better opportunities. While in Hollywood, Arabella’s husband started getting different co-starring roles in films like Psych-Out and Getting Straight.

His other acting credits include The Mack, The Mod Squad, One on One, Cleopatra Jones and The Bold Ones: The Protectors. Besides acting, Arabella’s husband directed a few shows, including the documentary Trestevre.

The Death of Her Husband

Arabella’s husband died on New Year’s Eve in 2022; the cause of his death was a heart attack. His death was such a loss to the film and art industry. The void he left will be felt for years to come. Following his demise, his fans took to their social media handles to mourn the loss of the legendary actor. Some celebrated him for his immense contribution to the entertainment industry.

Life After the Death of Her Husband

Life is always challenging for people when they lose their loved ones; it has not been easy for Arabella since her husband passed away. Though it has been nearly two years, she still misses his presence, but things always get better with time. Arabella Chavers is living her life; fortunately, her husband left a fortune that she can use to cater for her needs.

Net Worth

It is hard to tell Arabella’s net worth, given that she has never mentioned what she does to earn a living. However, her husband has made a fortune through her career in the entertainment industry and at the time of his death, he had a net worth of four hundred thousand dollars.