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Bert Kreisher Net Worth, Career, Profession, & More

Bert Kreisher Net Worth

Bert Kreischer, born on November 3, 1972, in Tampa, Florida, is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and podcast host known for his energetic and often irreverent comedic style. He has carved out a niche for himself in the comedy world, gaining popularity for his storytelling prowess and unapologetically humorous take on life.

Early Life and Education

Bert Kreischer’s journey into the world of comedy didn’t follow a traditional path. Before the laughter, he was a student at Florida State University, where he earned the nickname “The Machine.” This nickname became part of Kreischer’s lore due to a wild and hilarious true story involving a Russian mafia encounter during a college trip to Russia. The story became legendary and has been recounted in various forms by Kreischer over the years.

Stand-Up Comedy Career

Bert Kreischer’s entry into stand-up comedy wasn’t immediate. It wasn’t until the late 1990s, after working various odd jobs, that he found himself on stage at a local comedy club. His unique blend of humor, which often involves personal anecdotes, party stories, and self-deprecating humor, quickly resonated with audiences.

Kreischer’s comedy specials showcase his uninhibited storytelling style. “Comfortably Dumb” (2009), “Bert Kreischer: The Machine” (2016), and “Bert Kreischer: Hey Big Boy” (2020) are just a few examples of his stand-up specials that have entertained viewers and contributed to his growing fan base.

Television and Film Appearances

Beyond the stage, Bert Kreischer has made a name for himself on television. He has appeared on various shows, including hosting “Bert the Conqueror” on the Travel Channel, where he takes on daredevil challenges and explores unique events across the country.

Kreischer’s humor also found its way into acting. He has made appearances in TV shows such as “The Shield” and movies like “The Machine” and “The Willies.” His charismatic and carefree persona translates well to the screen, adding an extra layer of entertainment to his performances.

Podcasting and Media Presence

In the age of digital media, Bert Kreischer has embraced podcasting. His podcast, “Bertcast,” features conversations with a diverse range of guests, from fellow comedians to celebrities. The podcast provides an unfiltered and candid look into Kreischer’s life, thoughts, and humorous observations.

Kreischer’s media presence extends to social media, where he engages with his fans and shares snippets of his life. His authenticity and openness have contributed to the personal connection he has with his audience.

Personal Brand and Lifestyle

Bert Kreischer’s public persona often revolves around his love for a good time and a carefree approach to life. His openness about his experiences, both the humorous and the challenging, has endeared him to fans who appreciate his genuine and relatable storytelling.

Net Worth

His expected net worth is about $14 million.


Bert Kreischer is more than just a comedian; he’s a storyteller, an adventurer, and a personality that invites audiences into his world with open arms and a hearty laugh. Through his stand-up, podcasting, and various media appearances, Kreischer has become a beloved figure in the comedy landscape, leaving an indelible mark with his unique brand of humor and storytelling. For those looking for a comedic escape with a side of authenticity, Bert Kreischer is the guy who delivers it with a smile and a hilarious tale.