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Billy Mays III Successful Life, Career, & More

Billy Mays III

Billy Mays III, the son of the famous TV pitchman Billy Mays, is making a name for himself while remembering his dad’s legacy. Growing up with a dad known for loud and lively commercials, Billy Mays III is doing things a bit differently.

Early Days and Family

Billy Mays III’s childhood was a bit different. His dad was a big deal on TV, but the family kept most of their lives private. Even though his dad was known for selling stuff on TV, Billy Mays III grew up away from the spotlight, and we don’t know a lot about those early years.

Making Music

Instead of shouting about products, Billy Mays III found another way to express himself: through music. He goes by “Infinite Third” and creates all kinds of interesting sounds. It’s a quiet and thoughtful contrast to his dad’s energetic style.

Instead of following in his dad’s loud footsteps, Billy Mays III found his own way to express himself: through music. He goes by the name “Infinite Third” and creates all kinds of interesting sounds. It’s like a peaceful contrast to his dad’s energetic TV commercials.

Remembering Dad

Even though he’s doing his own thing, Billy Mays III always makes sure to remember his dad. He shares stories and memories, showing a side of Billy Mays Sr. that fans didn’t often see. It’s his way of connecting with people who loved his dad’s loud commercials.

Billy Mays III had an unusual childhood. Imagine having a dad who was famous for shouting about fantastic products on TV! Even though his dad was a TV star, the Mays family kept a lot of their lives private. We don’t know much about what it was like for Billy Mays III growing up, but we do know he wasn’t always in the spotlight.

How His Dad Got Popular?

  • Billy Mays became a household name due to his dynamic and enthusiastic on-screen presence, showcasing effective pitchman skills that made viewers trust his product endorsements.
  • His memorable catchphrases, such as “But wait, there’s more!” and diverse range of promoted products, contributed to his iconic status.
  • Mays’ consistent television presence and successful marketing campaigns addressing common consumer issues solidified his popularity.
  • Beyond salesmanship, his endearing personality and personal anecdotes created a genuine connection with viewers.
  • Even after his passing, Mays’ legacy endures, fueled by nostalgia and his enduring impact on the world of advertising.

Doing Business and Keeping the Legacy Alive

Billy Mays III is also a bit of a business person. While we might not know all the details, he’s involved in projects connected to his dad’s brand. This means keeping the spirit of Billy Mays alive by working on things that remind people of the famous pitchman.


Billy Mays III is on a unique journey, mixing a famous family history with his own interests. From the exciting world of TV commercials to making calming music, he’s doing things in his own way. By honoring his dad’s memory while creating his own path, Billy Mays III shows us a different and real side to carrying on the legacy of a TV legend.