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Meet Horse-Trainer Cece Durante-Bloum

Cece Durante-Bloum

Cece Durante-Bloum is the adopted daughter of actors Margie Little and Jimmy Durante. She was adopted on Christmas Day in 1961, just a year and a few days after the couple’s wedding. Cece’s biological parents are unknown, and so are her birth details; given those circumstances, it is hard to tell her age, but she is over sixty.

Personal Life

Cece Durante is married to Stephen Bloum, and the couple has been together for over three decades. Cece is a mother to three grown children: Maddie Bloum, Connor Bloum and Ryan Bloum. She also has grandkids, but it is unclear how many they are.

Her Major Work

Cece Durante-Bloum has been an animal lover since she was a young girl; she did not like seeing animals suffering and devoted her life to ensuring that animals, including dogs and horses, were well cared for. Cece Durante is a horse trainer and has been doing this work for a long time. Her father was a horse lover, and her duty was to continue with her father’s legacy. She had more than 75 horses on her farm, but then she retired from the horse-training business and turned to saving dogs.

Besides, Cece is a co-founder of Thrive Animal Rescue based in San Diego, California; the non-profit organization is committed to saving abandoned dogs. Cece Durante-Bloum volunteers at the organization and works with various professionals to ensure they care for the rescued dogs.

Her Father

After dropping out of school, Cece Durante’s father started his career in the entertainment industry in the early 1910s. He used to play the piano, and soon, he joined a band. While performing with his band, he could often break from the song and tell a joke, something his fans had come to get used to.

In the 1920s, Jimmy rose to stardom due to his radio personality and music work. He worked on the radio show The Chase and Sanborn Hour before transitioning to another show. On television, he hosted Four Star Revue monthly and The Jimmy Durante Show for nearly two years.

As an actor, Cece’s father appeared in some films, including The Last Judgement, The Milkman, This Time for Keeps, It Happened in Brooklyn and Two Sisters from Boston.

Death of Her Father

In his later years, Cece’s father suffered from various health conditions and acting at his age might have contributed to these issues. He suffered a stroke in 1972, which led him to be confined to a chair. For the next eight years, he moved around with a wheelchair until his death on January 29, 1980. Jimmy died due to pneumonia, and his body was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery.

Is Cece Still Rescuing Dogs?

Cece started working on rescuing abandoned dogs in 2010, and she is still active in this kind of work. She even dedicated her farm to being a rescue centre for the dogs. Given that she has done this for a long time, she loves it and intends to do it for an extended period.