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All Details About Christine Carilas, Steve Forrest’s Wife


Christine Carilas was a famed lady who enjoyed the limelight because of her husband’s career. Steve Forrest was an actor whose career spanned over six decades. Although Steve is dead, many fans continue to remember him as one of the best actors.

As Steve Forrest’s career began to grow, his wife came into the limelight. Steve and Christine met at the University, although Christine has never revealed what she pursued. Forrest and Carilas started dating on campus, but they walked down the aisle later, welcoming three children.

Who is Christine Carilas?

Carilas was a famed celebrity wife who came into the limelight because of her husband’s career. Steve Forrest was an American actor who got the limelight after featuring in Mommie Dearest in 1981.

Christine was born on February 6, 1928, in the United States of America, as the only child of Alexander Carilas and Anthula Verghis. Christine’s parents were Los Angeles Natives, and she grew up in Los Angeles too.

Despite Christine getting married to a celebrity, she never revealed much of her details to the public. Trusted sources indicate she met her husband at the University, but details about her major have remained a misery.

How Did Christine Carilas Meet Steve Forrest?

Carilas met Forrest when they were both at the University. Carilas and Forrest were students at the University of California, Los Angeles, and they met in 1948. Forrest had enlisted in the military before joining campus.

Forrest was one of the soldiers who fought for the United States in World War 2, and after the famous battle of the Bulge, he went on to pursue a career in entertainment. Forrest had pursued a career in Theatre and Arts.

Carilas and Forrest married in 1948. The exact location of the marriage has never been revealed, but they were by each other’s side for over 65 years. During their marriage, the couple welcomed three children: Michael, Forrest, and Stephen.

Is Christine Carilas Alive?

As of 2024, Christine Carilas is not alive. Christine died in 2017, but her family has never revealed the cause of her death. On the other hand, her husband, Forrest, died on May 18, 2013, due to natural causes.

Steve Forrest’s Career

Steve Forrest had a successful career as an actor. The actor was in the entertainment industry for six decades, making him one of the best and longest-serving actors in American history during his time.

Forrest was born on September 29, 1928, in Huntsville, Texas, where he grew up in a family of twelve siblings. Forrest joined the military at the age of 18, and after serving, he joined the University, where he pursued a career in entertainment.

Forrest started his career in theatre in San Diego. His acting skills were top-notch, which attracted the attention of Gregory Peck, who helped him obtain a contract with MGM.

Forrest’s acting career started in 1943 and ended in 2003 at the time of his death. He lasted for over six decades in the industry, making him one of the longest-serving actors of his time.