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Dairy Queen Mission Statement and Vision Analysis

Dairy Queen is a quick service restaurant that offers ice cream, burgers, and other various desserts. Dairy Queen vision statement analysis will shed light on the company’s philosophy of business in relation to their values. The company’s vision is to provide a quality food experience that lets customers know that they are valued members of a community.

To analyze Dairy Queen’s mission statement, it is helpful to understand what the company believes about its customer base as well as its employees’ experiences with each other. The mission statement also highlights how leadership plans to achieve profitability by focusing on social responsibility and by remaining an international chain with a global presence. The bottom line for both employees and customers is satisfaction through participation in Dairy Queen programs like Kid’s Power Hour or Chef of the Month Club.

Dairy Queen mission statement analysis

Dairy Queen’s mission statement is “To create positive memories for all who touch DQ”

Dairy Queen wants their customers to feel happy and satisfied, hopefully bringing them back again and again. This can be achieved by creating a fun and enjoyable experience for both children and adults, as well as providing competitively priced meals. By providing good customer service to everyone from the moment they walk through the door, Dairy Queen knows that they are doing their part in making people happy. Creating positive memories with every visit is very important to them because when people leave feeling happy then it is also likely that they will recommend others to come in too.

Company History

Ever since its foundation approximately 75 years ago, Dairy Queen has been known for great customer service and a high quality product. In 1994 the company purchased BK Burgers, Inc., which was founded in 1966, to expand into the hamburger market. They were able to increase customer base and also opened up their first Dairy Queen/Burger King franchise.

Dairy Queen began in the early 1930s when two brothers, Chas and John Urdiales decided to purchase an ice cream parlor on a street corner. Their goal was not just to sell ice cream but also to create a fun environment for families that gave them that one-of-a-kind feel. Every important step of their company is still based on this vision today.

Dairy Queen Company Core Values

Dairy Queen core values include “Family and teamwork, respect, and cultural connection” Dairy Queen believes that their family-orientated values are definitely what set them apart from other companies. By hiring and retaining older workers for their locations, Dairy Queen understands that they are giving these people a chance to apply their lifelong knowledge and skills in order to create lasting relationships with employees. Family-oriented values also extend to the management level as well, where Dairy Queen believes that it is very important to hire people who can understand the needs of both the employee and the customer. They have found ways to make this happen through various programs like Bosses Galore or Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs).


Dairy Queen mission statement is an example of a strong mission statement. It’s simple, direct and communicates what the chain stands for to its customers, employees and shareholders. It can be a great example of a clear direction for your company or organization to follow.