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Dana White III – Biography, Career, Relationship, and Family


Dana White is a big name in the combat sports industry. He is among the highest-paid entrepreneurs, and his work in combat sports, especially in UFC and the recently introduced Power Slap, has brought him wealth and fame. Dana White is the father of Dana White III. Although his son is not in combat sports, he is a rising footballer, talented and passionate about his football skills, and this post will talk more about him.

Biography of Dana White III

Dana White III is one of the two sons of Dana White. He is the eldest son in the family, and as of 2024, he is about 22 years old. Despite his young age, Dana White III already expresses a promising sports career.

Dana White III is not into combat. Instead, he is into football and has created a name for himself in the NCAA Division I Football Championship. He plays for San Diego Toreros, and his father has mentioned how passionate and skilled his son is.

Dana White III was born into the Richmond Family. His father is widely known as the UFC Boss for the dedication he has put into building UFC up to where it is. He is the president of UFC and has been ranked among the high-paid entrepreneurs in combat sports.

Education and Career

So far, no information is available talking about the school where Dana White III attends. The young man is in his early 20s and likely to be in high school or college. However, we have no record of his educational background.

As for his career, Dana White III is focused on growing his football skills. He is talented in football and is already achieving a career breakthrough. His father supports the career path that Dana White III has taken, and in an interview, he talked about how skilled and passionate his son is. Although Dana White III has not taken a combat sport, it’s worth noting that he has been training martial arts since childhood.

Who are His Siblings?

Dana White III has two siblings. He has a brother, Aidan White, and a sister, Savannah White. His brother has followed in his father’s career and is currently working to create his name in martial arts.

As for his sister, she is a famous name in fashion design. She has appeared in different magazines, and her work has been featured in The New York Times and other reputable magazines. You can find her on Instagram and interact with her posts.

Who is Dana White?

We’ve mentioned Dana White numerous times in the post primarily because he is the father of Dana White III, but what more do we know about him? Dana White was born on July 28, 1969. His main reputation is being the CEO and president of UFC, a global martials arts organization.

Moreover, Dana White recently introduced Power Slap, and it has also greatly added to his wealth and popularity. He is married to Anne Stella, and he was born and raised in Manchester, Connecticut.