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David Dobrik Net Worth: How Rich is the Social Media Celebrity?


Born on July 23, 1996, David Dobrik is among the most-paid social media celebrities. The social media personality gained the limelight for his ventures into YouTube and Vine accounts, and he has continued to grow his presence with millions of followers.

David has spent many years in the USA, although he was born in Slovakia. The celebrity revealed that he received his green card in 2021, enabling him to travel to various parts of the world. Here are details regarding his net worth and personal life!

David Dobrik Net Worth

David Dobrik is a famous social media personality who has grown wealthy. Dobrik is estimated to have a net worth of $25 million, most of which is from his social media ventures.

The celebrity is known for his Vine account and YouTube channels, which have grown to have millions of subscribers. Dobrik is one of the most paid social media personalities, explaining why he has accumulated his net worth. EA Bumble

David Dobrik has earned over $16 million from his ventures, including sponsorships with EA Bumble and SeatGeek. Additionally, he sells hoodies, shorts and pants through his social media platforms, contributing positively to his net worth.

David Dobrik’s Early Life

David was born in Slovakia, and his family relocated to Vernon Hills, Illinois, when he was six. Dobrik has three siblings, and he went to Vernon High School, where he was a tennis player.

Dobrik never focused on his studies after high school, so he relocated to Los Angeles, where he focused on his career. David Dobrik started using Vine in 2013, and his six-second clips on the platform enabled him to get a considerable following.

Additionally, Dobrik embraced YouTube early, becoming one of the second classes on YouTube and had over 18,000 followers in 2015. David has created two channels and is proud to grow his channels to have millions of followers.

In 2018, Dobrik received a Diamond play button for surpassing 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. In the same year, Dobrik was named one of the top ten social media personalities.

David Dobrik’s Personal Life

David Dobrik is a celebrity who enjoys family time with friends and loved ones. The media personality dated Liza Koshy, a fellow social media personality, from 2015 to 2018. In Dobrik’s Vlogs’ he married Lorraine Nash on May 15, 2019, the mother of his friend and collaborator Jason Nash. A few months later, David revealed that they had agreed to end their marriage, and they signed divorce papers in November of the same year of their marriage.

Dobrik has not announced if he is dating again. Despite not having a large family, he is a real estate investor. Dobrik purchased a home in Sherman Oaks in August 2020, paying $9.5 million for the property.

Dobrik had purchased another home in Studio City in 2017, paying $2.5 million for the home. The celebrity lived in Studio City before he put it for sale in 2021 for $3.5 million.