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All About Demarcus Henry, Chris Henry’s Son

Demarcus Henry

Demarcus Henry is the son of American football wide receiver Chris Henry. Chris was known for his five-year spell with the Cincinnati Bengals. Details of Demarcus’s birth are unclear, but he was probably born in the 2000s before his father’s death. Demarcus has two siblings: a brother named Chris Henry Jr and a sister called Seini.


Regarding his education, the young celebrity kid is currently in high school; however, details of the school he is attending have not been revealed. He is active in sports and will probably venture into a career in football like his father.

Demarcus Henry’s Father

Demarcus’s father was born and raised in Belle Chasse, Louisiana. He attended school within the neighborhood and even attended high school at Belle Chasse. While in high school, Demarcus’s father was active in sports, especially football, and he was even named the player of the year in his senior year. Chris Henry also played basketball and track.

After high school, Demarcus’s father joined West Virginia University, where he majored in athletic coaching education. His college career had some ups and downs; he had a lot of accomplishments, and at the same time, he had his lows. At one point, Demarcus Henry’s father was suspended due to his bad conduct.

Chris Henry’s Spell with Cincinnati Bengals

In the 2005 NFL Draft, Demarcus’s father was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the third round, and he went on to make his debut against Minnesota Vikings. His football career with the Bengals started well, and he was among the top talent in the team. However, in 2007, he was suspended for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

Demarcus Henry’s Father’s Criminal Record

Demarcus’s father had several run-ins with the law; he was arrested in December 2005 for speeding, and during that time, he was found to have marijuana. After he was arraigned in court, he pleaded guilty, evading a jail sentence. The following year, Demarcus’s father was arrested for multiple gun charges, which included aggravated assault with a firearm.

Over the years, Demarcus’s father had several charges, some related to sexual assault, driving under the influence, and possession of drugs, among other offenses.

The Death of Demarcus’s Father

Demarcus’s father sustained severe injuries on December 16, 2009, after falling off a truck that his girlfriend, Loleini Tonga, was driving. The two had a domestic altercation that led to his injury. Following his injury, Demarcus’s father was rushed to the hospital, where he died the following day due to the severity of the injuries he had sustained.

Tonga, Demarcus’s mother, was not charged for the death of Chris as there was no evidence to show that she was reckless in her driving.

Life After Death of His Father

Upon his father’s death in 2009, Adam Jones adopted Demarcus Henry and his siblings and vowed to take care of them. Adam was a friend of Demarcus’s father; they went to college together and were really close. It is tough without a parent, but Adam Jones has done an exemplary job raising Chris Henry’s children.