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Eleanor Darragh: Net Worth And The Enigmatic Figure Behind Ted Cruz’s Birth Certificate

Eleanor Darragh

Eleanor Darragh, an intriguing figure whose name resurfaces in connection with Ted Cruz’s birth certificate, holds a mysterious place in the political landscape. In this biography, we will explore Eleanor’s early life, her career, the enigma surrounding her net worth, her family connections, and her relationship with Alan Wilson. Join us as we delve into the life of a woman entangled in an unexpected web of political drama.

Early Life: A Childhood in Bellefonte, Delaware

Eleanor Darragh was born around 1935 to her parents, Edward and Elizabeth. According to the 1940 U.S. Census, she was just five years old at the time, residing in Bellefonte, Delaware, with her father, mother, and sister. Little is known about her upbringing and early years, leaving much room for speculation about the path her life would eventually take.


Unfortunately, the available information does not shed light on Eleanor Darragh’s career or professional pursuits. Her story remains veiled in obscurity, leaving us to wonder about the endeavors she may have pursued and the contributions she may have made.

Net Worth: A Mysterious Enigma

The exact details of Eleanor Darragh’s net worth are elusive, and no reliable estimates are available. Given the lack of information surrounding her career and financial pursuits, it is difficult to ascertain the extent of her wealth. The connections to her first husband, Alan Wilson, and the subsequent implications for Ted Cruz’s citizenship have thrust her into the public eye, but the true extent of her financial standing remains unknown.

Family: Ties to Ted Cruz and Alan Wilson

Eleanor Darragh’s connection to the political sphere emerged through her marriage to Alan Wilson, whose last name she took. In an unexpected twist, her son from a subsequent marriage, Ted Cruz, has become a prominent figure in American politics. The revelation that Eleanor’s name appears on Ted Cruz’s Canadian birth certificate has added intrigue to her personal history.

Relationship: The Unforeseen Link

Eleanor’s first husband, Alan Wilson, provided a connection to Ted Cruz that remained unknown to Wilson until recently. In a telephone interview from London, Wilson expressed surprise upon learning of his connection to the U.S. senator and presidential candidate. He revealed that he had not been aware of Eleanor’s well-known son or the controversy surrounding Cruz’s citizenship. The unexpected revelation further deepens the enigma surrounding Eleanor Darragh’s life.


Eleanor Darragh’s life is shrouded in mystery, with limited information available about her early years, career, and net worth. Her connection to Ted Cruz and the unexpected discovery by her first husband, Alan Wilson, have added intrigue to her story. While the details of her personal journey remain unknown, Eleanor Darragh’s name will forever be associated with the political landscape and the complex web of Ted Cruz’s birth certificate controversy.