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Evelyn Currie: Exploring the Net Worth of Tina Turner’s Sister

Evelyn Currie

Tina Turner, an iconic figure in the music industry, has two sisters who have played significant roles in her life. Evelyn Juanita Currie, her biological sister, and Alline Bullock, her half-sibling, have shared unique experiences and contributed to Tina’s journey. In this biography, we delve into their early lives, their careers, the net worth associated with their family, and the bond they share with Tina. Additionally, we explore the tragic passing of Evelyn and her final resting place.

Early Life: Shared Roots and Family Connections

Evelyn Juanita Currie, Tina Turner’s biological sister, was raised in Haywood County, Tennessee. However, she later moved to Brownsville, Tennessee, where she lived with her grandmother, Georgeanna Currie. Alline Bullock, Tina’s half-sister, was born as a result of their mother’s relationship with Percy Lovelace. Despite their different family dynamics, both sisters played integral roles in Tina’s life.

Career: Contributions and Ventures

While specific details about Evelyn Currie and Alline Bullock’s individual careers are not provided, their presence in Tina Turner’s life has undoubtedly influenced her musical journey. As family members and sources of support, they have contributed to Tina’s success and provided a solid foundation from which she could pursue her dreams.

Net Worth: A Reflection of Tina Turner’s Success

The net worth associated with Tina Turner’s family primarily stems from her own accomplishments as a legendary musician and performer. Tina Turner is known for her immense success, with an estimated net worth of $250 million. While the specific net worths of Evelyn Currie and Alline Bullock are not mentioned, their connection to Tina and her financial achievements likely contributes to their family’s overall wealth.

Family: A Bond Through Triumphs and Tragedy

The bond between Tina Turner, Evelyn Currie, and Alline Bullock extends beyond their shared bloodline. Through life’s triumphs and tragedies, they have stood by each other, offering support and love. Despite the untimely passing of Evelyn, their connection remains an important aspect of their family’s history and serves as a reminder of the preciousness of their bond.


Relationship: Sisters United by Love and Loss

Tina Turner’s relationship with her sisters, Evelyn Currie and Alline Bullock, is a testament to the strength of sisterhood. United by love and loss, they have shared both joyous and challenging moments throughout their lives. Their connection serves as a source of inspiration, highlighting the power of familial ties and the resilience that can arise from shared experiences.


Evelyn Currie and Alline Bullock, sisters of Tina Turner, have played significant roles in her life, contributing to her journey and sharing in her triumphs and tragedies. While Evelyn’s life was tragically cut short, her memory lives on within their family. The net worth associated with Tina Turner’s success undoubtedly contributes to their family’s wealth. Through their bond of sisterhood, Evelyn Currie and Alline Bullock remain a vital part of Tina Turner’s story, reminding us of the enduring power of love, family, and resilience.