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How Does Draft Kings Make Money

How Does Draft Kings Make Money

Sick of seeing your savings diminish, while others seem to be cashing in on daily fantasy sports? Puzzled about how DraftKings earns money off its customers? You’ve arrived at the perfect spot!

In this article, you’ll discover the secrets behind one of the most lucrative businesses in esports.

Introduction to Draft Kings

Draft Kings is a popular daily fantasy sports site in the US. It lets users play for free or with paid entry fees. You can win real money by predicting which players will do best. Draft Kings takes a percentage of entry fees to make money.

The idea is like traditional sports betting. On Draft Kings, players compete against each other in one-day fantasy sports contests with rules and prize pools set by the company. Teams are formed with real athletes from major sport leagues. Whoever scores more points over a set period (often 1 week) wins prize money, usually entry fees from all contestants. Revenue is generated from entry fees and broadcasting rights.

Different Business Models of Draft Kings

DraftKings offers customers ways to experience fantasy sports. They have different business models to make money. These include the DraftKings E-Sports and Fantasy Sports Gaming Platform and the DraftKings Sportsbook.

The Fantasy Sports Gaming Platform is their main source of income. Players compete against each other in simulated games. Entry fees range from free up to around $200. Rewards vary, from a few dollars to tens of thousands. DraftKings takes a share of the entry fees.

In 2020, DraftKings added sports betting. This includes mobile and in store options. People can bet on sporting events, outcomes and rewards for long term plays.

DraftKings has also expanded to physical retail locations. Customers can manage accounts at their kiosks in stores. This is available in states that offer these services, such as Nevada.

DraftKings has website optimization activities and exclusive online incentives. This provides expansion opportunities and revenue streams across different channels.

Draft Kings Revenue Streams

DraftKings is a daily fantasy sports betting app and website. Users can make predictions or guesses on the outcomes of events, such as Fantasy Football or other competitive sports activities. DraftKings makes money through multiple revenue sources. These are: transactional fees, exchanges fees, and advertising fees.

When customers join fantasy sports leagues or games, they pay an entry fee. DraftKings charges a fee for this. Exchange fees come from customers who sell their entries on DraftKings’ marketplace platform. Advertising revenue comes from ads clicked or interacted with in DraftKings’ platform. Sponsorships involve DraftKings using its brand to sponsor events or teams.

The company runs two subsidiaries: Hothead Tech LLC, which works on the tech side; and Audax Creative Labs LLC, which focuses on content creation. This lets them generate income and profit for stakeholders.

Draft Kings’ Advertising Strategies

DraftKings is a huge daily fantasy sports site. It earns money from various sources like ads on its website and app, and from user fees. Advertising is big for them, so they use different strategies to get the most out of it.

They use many marketing channels like Yahoo! Sports, RotoGrinders, Twitter, and Facebook. They also offer discounts to attract more players. Plus, they partner with organizations like Major League Baseball and sponsor events all over the world. This type of marketing helps people know about their services and increases viewership.

In addition to display ads, DraftKings uses affiliate advertising like blog posts or reviews. They have also tried local ads in sports arenas while offering free admission in exchange for viewing ads.

Lastly, they leverage influencer advertising. This helps bloggers and YouTubers with large fan bases to share info about their brand to potential customers. This gives them more exposure without spending too much.

Draft Kings’ Partnerships

Draft Kings has many ways to monetize. It partners with pro sports leagues and colleges for exclusive team and player info, and to give users special promos and giveaways.

It also works with media companies like ESPN and CBS to promote itself, and has product placements in broadcasts. This increases brand recognition and gets it more revenue.

It also has daily fantasy contests, loyalty programs, affiliate programs and services for small businesses. Recently, it’s even been offering player prop bets and international soccer contests to grow its portfolio.

Draft Kings’ Investment Opportunities

DraftKings Inc. is a booming, publically traded firm in the fantasy sports and sports betting realm. It allows fans to take part in daily and weekly contests where they can test their talents and have a shot at winning huge cash awards. Additionally, DraftKings offers special deals, loyalty rewards, and other gaming services.

The company is dedicated to investing in products and services associated with its core operations, to open avenues of growth and to remain stable in the ever-changing sports betting scene. To this end, it utilizes a diversified investment portfolio strategy. Funds are allocated to stocks, bonds, fantasy sports media companies on multiple platforms, and gaming. Additional profits come from sponsorships with pro leagues, arenas and teams, casinos (17 states), broadcast media partners such as ESPN, and mobile apps that allow customers to place wagers.

In conclusion, DraftKings successfully generates income through its investments, affording generous prizes to its customers while still making money through products such as odds boosting promos and other betting tied bonus programs. Thus, it continues to deliver an exciting entertainment experience while safeguarding its finances through diversification.

Draft Kings’ Growth Strategies

Draft Kings is renowned for its play-by-play fantasy sports betting system. To keep growing, they use multiple growth strategies. These include strategic partnerships, diversification and global expansion.

Strategic Partnerships: They team up with teams, leagues and other DFS providers to build their business. This means more games and bigger prize pools which attract new players. Plus, cross-promotion opportunities.

Diversification: Draft Kings provide various games, like football, baseball, basketball, hockey and golf. This helps them get users from all over the world who may be interested in one sport but not another. Diversifying products and services reduces their risk and makes them more profitable.

International Expansion: Draft Kings are reaching out to foreign countries like Canada and the UK by buying existing daily fantasy sites. This gives them entry fees from players outside the US, adding to their total income.

These strategies have made DraftKings successful and increased their revenue. Plus, they’ve targeted new markets, allowing long-term value for their stakeholders.


DraftKings makes money in many ways. Traditional sports betting, advertising, media sponsorships, transaction fees, payment processing fees, loyalty programs, and contests are all part of the equation. It’s only been around since 2012, yet it’s a major player in the gaming industry due to its creative ideas.

In 2020, DraftKings’ revenue was a whopping $433 million for the fiscal year that ended June 30th. This was up 49% from 2019 when it reported $270 million in revenue. As more states legalize online betting, especially for 21-year-olds, DraftKings is likely to grow further. Its plans to expand into new markets will help it reach even greater heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How does DraftKings make money?

A1: DraftKings makes money mainly through entry fees collected from players participating in its fantasy sports contests. DraftKings also makes money through advertising, sponsorships, and other forms of revenue.

Q2: What percentage of a contest’s entry fees does DraftKings retain?

A2: DraftKings typically retains around 10-15% of a contest’s entry fees.

Q3: Does DraftKings offer any other services besides daily fantasy sports?

A3: Yes, DraftKings also offers a sportsbook, which enables players to place bets on sports games. DraftKings also offers casino games, such as slots and table games.