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How Many Jobs Are Available In Estonia

How Many Jobs Are Available In Estonia

Think of moving to Estonia? Want to know the job situation? Here’s your answer! Discover what the job availability is like in Estonia. Make an educated decision if it’s the perfect place for you.

Introduction to Estonia

Estonia is a small, Eastern European nation known for its culture, natural beauty, and progressive policies. Even though its economy is small, it’s growing. Jobs are available in various industries.

Startup culture is strong and the tech sector is thriving. Job prospects are good for software developers, data analysts, and cybersecurity experts. Industrial positions are available in manufacturing, logistics, and transportation.

Tourism, healthcare, and education are other top industries. The government has policies to attract foreign workers.

Remember: Before applying for jobs in Estonia, research work permit and residency requirements.

Overview of the Estonian Job Market

The job market in Estonia is booming! In April 2021, unemployment was only 6.4%, which is low for Europe. Technology, services, manufacturing, and forestry businesses drive the economy.

The Estonian government has made it a desirable place for foreign companies to set up shop. Job seekers from around the world are attracted to this.

Online job portals and recruitment agencies can help you find a job in Estonia. You don’t even need to know Estonian for some roles.

As of June 2021, there are nearly 23,000 job vacancies in Estonia. This presents a great opportunity for job seekers.

Types of Jobs Available in Estonia

Estonia offers job chances in various fields. There are lots of openings for foreign nationals, especially in tech, IT, finance, and healthcare. Here are some of the most popular jobs in Estonia:

  1. Software developers – Tallinn is one of Europe’s most tech-savvy cities, making software development a popular option.
  2. Customer support – Many international companies have set up offices in Estonia, creating a need for customer support staff.
  3. Healthcare pros – Skilled healthcare workers like doctors, nurses, and dentists are wanted in Estonia.
  4. Finance/accounting pros – Banks and finance firms need experts in finance, accounting, and taxation.
  5. Sales/marketing pros – Many startups need sales and marketing professionals.

Employment Opportunities in Estonia

Estonia has an awesome economy with countless work openings. Around 33,000 jobs are up for grabs, mainly in the capital of Tallinn. Popular sectors include IT, Manufacturing, Finance & Banking, Healthcare, Hospitality & Tourism and Logistics & Transportation.

To make it easy to get a job, Estonia offers an e-residency program. Plus, they have invested in the business climate with a transparent tax system, helpful labor laws, and educated workers. For job hunters,,, and are great places to look.

Education and Training Requirements for Estonian Jobs

The range of work in Estonia is wide. It changes between different sectors and depends on the knowledge needed. For instance, those in the healthcare industry – like doctors and nurses – may need a degree and special training. The same goes for IT jobs, like software designers and data analysts, who would need a degree in computer science or related fields.

But vocational education suffices for some roles, such as electricians, carpenters, and mechanics.

In conclusion, Estonia is open to both locals and foreigners. This makes it desirable for job hunters.

Benefits of Working in Estonia

This heading does not relate to the title. But, to answer it, Estonia has heaps of job openings in many areas due to its booming economy and tech-friendly environment. It is also highly ranked in the Global Innovation Index. This makes it an attractive choice for entrepreneurs and job hunters.

The most sought-after jobs in Estonia include IT, engineering, healthcare and education. Startups and corporations here give good salaries, flexible work hours and a good work-life balance.

By working in Estonia, you can gain valuable skills, and experience the unique culture and way of life. Pro tip: Do thorough research and networking to discover more about job opportunities and work culture in Estonia.

Challenges of Working in Estonia

Estonia’s job market is ever-growing. 2021 has brought new challenges to employers and employees alike. The pandemic has caused companies to shift to remote work, but a lack of skilled workers makes it hard to fill positions. Additionally, the workforce is concentrated in certain cities, leading to a skills crisis in those regions.

Despite the difficulties, Estonia’s digital economy offers many job opportunities in IT, finance, logistics, and business services. The rapidly changing job market requires workers to adapt to new roles and services. Jobseekers should use online job portals, career fairs, and networking to find the best job fit.


To wrap it up, Estonia is an ever-evolving job market with plentiful prospects. It has a big emphasis on tech and innovation, which means there’s a huge demand for skilled workers in tech, engineering, and various services.

Plus, they welcome startups and entrepreneurs with open arms, opening up many opportunities.

The economic climate and global events have affected the job market, yet Estonia is swift in adapting and innovating. It offers a cost-friendly lifestyle, government support, and wonderful quality of life, making it an attractive destination for career seekers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many jobs are available in Estonia currently?

A: According to the latest statistics, there are currently over 30,000 job positions available in Estonia.

Q: Are there more job opportunities in specific industries in Estonia?

A: Yes, there are several industries in Estonia that have more job opportunities than others, such as the information and communication technology sector, the manufacturing industry, and the service sector.

Q: What types of jobs are in demand in Estonia?

A: Some of the most in-demand jobs in Estonia include software developers, web developers, data analysts, engineers, nurses, and skilled tradespeople.

Q: Is it easy for foreigners to find employment in Estonia?

A: As long as you have the relevant skills and qualifications, it is possible to find employment in Estonia as a foreigner, but it may require additional paperwork and potentially learning the local language.

Q: How does the job market in Estonia compare to other countries in Europe?

A: Estonia has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe and its job market is generally considered to be stable and growing. However, the size of the job market is relatively small compared to larger countries like Germany and France.

Q: Where can I find job listings for opportunities in Estonia?

A: There are several websites that list job openings in Estonia, including CV Keskus, CV Online, and Work in Estonia.