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How Many Jobs Are Available In Texas

How Many Jobs Are Available In Texas

Wondering about job opportunities in Texas? The Lone Star State’s booming economy is a great choice for those seeking a career. Great news – Texas has loads of jobs! This blog will show you just how many! Uncover the awesome job possibilities in Texas!


Texas is a place of opportunity when it comes to work. It has a different economy, important ports, plentiful farms, and growing industries. This all contributes to a secure job market in many fields. Whether you’re starting out or seeking a job with better pay and benefits, Texas has many work openings in oil and gas, healthcare, education, technology, retail, and hospitality.

Statistic from the Texas Workforce Commission show that 14 million people are employed in Texas, making it the second biggest job market in the US. With a low rate of unemployment, lots of job openings, and a pro-business attitude, Texas is a great place to begin and develop your career.

Overview of the Job Market in Texas

Texas has a flourishing job market with various industries and career chances. It is home to major companies such as Walmart, Dell, and AT&T. In 2021, the job market in Texas is flourishing, with an unemployment rate of 6.9%. Areas like healthcare, energy, technology, finance, and manufacturing are actively hiring. Taxes and the cost of living are lower in Texas, making it an attractive spot for businesses and entrepreneurs. That’s why Texas is often ranked among the top states for job growth and openings.

Pro Tip: Stay up-to-date with Texas job openings and trends by subscribing to job portals and industry newsletters. Attend job fairs and networking events too!

Sectors with the Highest Job Availability

Texas is known for its diverse economy with many job options. Here are the sectors with the most openings:

  1. Healthcare: With an older population, the need for healthcare services has grown quickly. Available jobs include nurses, doctors, and technicians.
  2. Technology: Major companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google have made Texas their home. Jobs include software engineers, IT pros, and data analysts.
  3. Energy: Being one of the leading oil and gas producing states, Texas has a large energy sector. Engineers, technicians, and workers in oil and gas drilling and production are needed.
  4. Retail: Companies in the retail sector are looking for customer service, sales, and management employees due to Texas’ big consumer base.

The economy in Texas is doing well, so job seekers have many options in various industries.

Industries with the Most Job Opportunities

Texas provides lots of job chances. Healthcare is the biggest one with 1.5 million roles, from physicians to coders. Technology is also on the upswing, with Austin as the center of it all. The energy industry includes oil and gas plus solar and wind power. Finance, construction, and logistics are also popular in Texas. The Dallas-Fort Worth region has abundant positions across industries.

Pro Tip: To find employment in Texas, focus on healthcare, technology, energy, finance, construction, and logistics.

Benefits of Working in Texas

Employing in Texas offers plenty of perks, making it an excellent spot for job-seekers. It has a diverse economy, with opportunities in different sectors. These are some benefits:

  1. Thriving Economy: Texas has a quickly expanding economy with solid job growth in healthcare, tech, and energy.
  2. Low Cost of Living: It has one of the lowest costs of living in the U.S., with reasonable housing, food, and transport costs.
  3. No State Income Tax: It’s one of a few states that doesn’t impose state income tax, so you can keep more of your hard-earned money.
  4. Business-friendly: It has a business-friendly environment with low taxes and few regulations, making it attractive to entrepreneurs.

In 2021, Texas has more than 1 million job openings, from entry-level to managerial positions in different industries. Make the most of the opportunities of working in Texas and join the dynamic workforce.

Requirements for Working in Texas

Texas has loads of job openings, for all sorts of skill sets and experience levels. Popular industries include healthcare, tech, edu, finance, and oil and gas.

For employment in Texas, you need to meet some reqs:

  1. A valid work visa or US citizenship.
  2. 14+ years old for most non-agricultural jobs.
  3. Background check + training program needed for childcare jobs.
  4. Some jobs require a license or cert – like nurses, doctors, and lawyers.

To increase the chances of getting a job in Texas: make a killer resume, network with employers, and keep up with current job openings in your field.

Tips for Finding Jobs in Texas

The job market in Texas is massive and varied – with 1,033,500 job openings in March 2021 across different areas such as healthcare, IT, oil and gas, education and more.

If you’re searching for employment opportunities in Texas, here are some tips to assist you:

  1. Check out online job boards – like Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn – for job postings related to your field.
  2. Use social media platforms like LinkedIn to network with professionals in your industry and attend networking events.
  3. Research companies in Texas that match your career objectives and values and apply directly to their career pages.
  4. Utilize the services of a staffing agency that specializes in connecting job seekers and employers.

Pro Tip: Prior to applying for any company, research the organization, its work culture and read reviews from past employees to make a sensible decision.


To sum up, Texas offers many job chances for seekers. From oil and gas to healthcare and teaching, it has it all. Healthcare, retail trade, food services, and education are the top industries. Software developers, registered nurses, truck drivers, and physical therapists have more job demand. In recent years, many big and small businesses came to Texas, giving more job options. It has a low cost of living, good education, and strong infrastructure, making it popular with job seekers nationwide.

Fact: The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Texas has one of the lowest unemployment rates in 2020 – 6.9%.

Pro Tip: To get a job in Texas, job seekers should do research, update their resume, and network with experts in their field.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many job opportunities are there in Texas?

According to recent statistics, there are over 14 million jobs available in Texas.

2. Which industries have the most job openings in Texas?

The healthcare, technology, and energy industries have the most job openings in Texas.

3. What skills should I have to get a job in Texas?

The skills needed vary depending on the industry and job role, but some of the most in-demand skills in Texas are communication, problem-solving, technological proficiency, and leadership abilities.

4. How do I find job opportunities in Texas?

You can find job opportunities in Texas by using online job search platforms such as Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn, or by contacting recruitment agencies in your desired industry.

5. Are the job opportunities in Texas only limited to Texans?

No, anyone can apply for job opportunities in Texas regardless of their state or country of origin.

6. What is the average salary for jobs in Texas?

The average salary in Texas varies depending on the industry and job role, but the average salary across all industries is around $50,000 per year.