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How Many Jobs Are There In Airport

How Many Jobs Are There In Airport

Curious about job openings at the airport? This article looks into the amount and types of jobs. Get ready to explore a universe of opportunities and expand your views to the thrilling aviation field! You might be closer than you think to a career related to planes and airports.


Airports provide a lot of job chances for people with different abilities and backgrounds.

From customer service to safety, aircraft maintenance to cargo handling, the jobs accessible at airports are various and varied. Whether you want to switch careers or start your first job, there could be the perfect role for you at your closest airport.

Millions of flyers travel through airports daily and thousands of flights take off and land. Airport personnel have a significant role in making air travel safe, effective, and enjoyable for everyone. So, if you have an enthusiasm for the aviation world, a career at an airport could be the ideal path for you.

Types of Jobs in Airports

Airports need a variety of jobs to run properly. From pilots to maintenance staff, here are some common airport roles:

  1. Air traffic controllers responsible for steering air traffic on the ground and in the air, keeping everyone safe.
  2. Pilotsfly and land planes.
  3. Baggage handlersloading and unloading luggage and cargo from aircraft.
  4. Security personnelmaking sure the airport is secure.
  5. Customer service repshelping passengers with tickets, bags, and other questions.
  6. Cleaning crewkeeping the airport tidy, including terminals, restrooms, and planes.
  7. Maintenance staffmaintain and repair airport facilities and equipment.
  8. Retail and food service staffrunning shops, restaurants, and other services inside the airport.

Pro Tip: Working at an airport can be very fulfilling. There are plenty of career development options. Do research on airport job openings and requirements to find the right one for you.

Qualifications Required for Airport Jobs

Airports offer a lot of job chances across various areas. These vary, but here’s what you need for most positions:

  • Education: Commonly, a high school diploma or the same is necessary. Sometimes post-secondary education or relevant experience is needed.
  • Communication: Strong verbal and written communication is a must for roles that involve customers and colleagues.
  • Technical Skills: Knowing computer systems, programs and technical equipment is a must for certain roles, like air traffic control, baggage handling and security.
  • Physical Requirements: If the job involves heavy lifting or outdoor work, you need to be able to handle it.
  • Language Skills: Knowing more languages can be helpful for customer service or immigration roles.

Check the requirements and company culture before applying.

Benefits of Working at an Airport

Airports provide many job opportunities! From security to baggage handling, to airport management and hospitality. It all depends on the size of the airport and what services it offers.

Pro tip: If you want a job at an airport, start by researching the airport website. Have a look around to learn what kind of jobs are available, and what qualifications they need. Job fairs and conferences can help too, as they offer a chance to meet people in the industry and get all the info you need.

Training and certification can help too. These can improve your skills and make you more qualified for the role. Dedication and hard work will help you find a great career in aviation!

Popular Airport Jobs

Airports are abundant with job opportunities! From customer service to technical roles – they employ a broad range of people. Here are the most common airport jobs:

  1. Airport Customer Service Agent
  2. Airport Security Officer
  3. Air Traffic Controller
  4. Baggage Handler
  5. Airport Ground Staff
  6. Airport Retail Associate
  7. Airport Janitorial Staff
  8. Airport Maintenance Technician
  9. Airport Administration
  10. Airline Pilot

People with all types of experience and education can find a fit in this industry. Plus, due to the increasing demand for air travel, it’s expected the job market will prosper in the near future – offering lots of potential career progression.

Airport Job Outlook

The job outlook for the airport industry is positive. An increase in job opportunities is expected soon.

Pilots, air traffic controllers, baggage handlers, security personnel, engineers, mechanics and more – there are many job possibilities in the airport industry.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the employment of aviation workers is projected to grow by 3% from 2019 to 2029. This is mainly because of the rise in air travel and the requirement for airport modernization.

The airport industry also offers job stability, competitive salaries, benefits, and chances for advancement.

If you’re interested in working in the airport industry, you can explore the various career options by getting the right education and certifications, networking with experts in the industry, and staying up-to-date with industry news and trends.

Pro Tip: Research the requirements and qualifications for each job title in the airport industry to improve your chances of getting the job.

Tips for Landing an Airport Job

The airport industry offers many employment prospects! Security personnel, baggage handlers, customer service staff and airline pilots are some of the most common occupations. Full-time or part-time, these roles don’t even need much experience. How can you get a job at the airport?

  1. Check online job boards and company career pages to find openings.
  2. Customize your CV and cover letter to match the job description.
  3. Attend career fairs and events hosted by the airport or airline companies.
  4. Research the company and practice common interview questions before the big day.

Follow these tips and you’ll be soaring towards a career in aviation!


To sum up, there are a plethora of jobs available in airports. The number of jobs depends on the airport’s size and type.

Common jobs at airports may include:

  • pilots
  • flight attendants
  • baggage handlers
  • air traffic controllers
  • airport security personnel
  • administrators
  • customer service reps
  • engineers and maintenance workers

Each job has its own skill set and training. Some, like pilots and air traffic controllers, require certifications and licenses. Others may need a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Nevertheless, an airport job offers an exciting and dynamic career with possibilities for growth and progression.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many different types of jobs are available at an airport?

There are a wide variety of jobs available at an airport, ranging from customer service positions to security personnel, maintenance crews, aircraft mechanics, pilots, and more.

2. How many people are typically employed at an airport?

The number of people employed at an airport can vary greatly depending on the size and location of the airport. Smaller regional airports may have fewer than 100 employees, while major international airports may employ tens of thousands of people.

3. What kinds of education or training are required to work at an airport?

The education or training required to work at an airport can vary depending on the specific job. For example, customer service roles may require only a high school diploma or GED, while pilots and mechanics may need more extensive education or professional certifications.

4. How do I search for job openings at an airport?

You can search for job openings at airports by visiting the websites of individual airports or by using job search engines like Indeed or LinkedIn. You may also consider reaching out to airport staffing agencies or hiring firms that specialize in aviation jobs.

5. Are airport jobs generally full-time or part-time?

Airport jobs can be either full-time or part-time, depending on the specific role and the needs of the airport at the time. Some positions, such as customer service or baggage handling, may offer more part-time or seasonal positions, while others, like air traffic control or aircraft maintenance, may be more likely to offer full-time work.

6. What are some benefits of working at an airport?

Working at an airport can offer a range of benefits, including competitive salaries and benefits packages, opportunities for career growth and advancement, travel benefits or discounts, and the chance to work in a dynamic and exciting environment.