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How Many Jobs Are There In Miitopia

How Many Jobs Are There In Miitopia

Job hunting? Check out Miitopia! It’s a family-friendly realm with jobs galore. Discover what’s on offer and why you should work here. You’ll be amazed at the variety of opportunities! Come explore the world of Miitopia and get the lowdown on its job scene.

Introduction to Miitopia

Miitopia is a role-playing game from Nintendo. It offers a unique, customizable experience. An integral part of the game is the job system. There are 12 jobs, each with its own skills and abilities.

Warrior: They fight at the front and have high attack and defense. They can heal too.

Mage: They specialize in offensive spells that can hit multiple foes.

Cleric: They are the main healers and can do support magic.

Thief: They cause high damage to HP and MP. They can disarm traps and pick locks.

Pop Star: They buff their team and damage foes with their singing.

Chef: They heal and harm enemies with cooking.

Cat: Agile fighters that can cause status ailments.

Imp: Powerful magic users that can summon allies and cause heavy damage.

Scientist: Use gadgets and inventions to do offensive and support abilities.

Tank: High defense and can distract enemies.

Princess: Has a range of abilities, e.g. healing, buffing, and debuffing.

Flower: Command nature to inflict status ailments and heal allies.

Pro Tip: Try different jobs to find the best party composition for you.

Overview of Miitopia Jobs

Are you a Miitopia fan and curious about the jobs in the game? There are twelve unique jobs, each with its own abilities and peculiarities. Here’s a look at all twelve:

  1. Warrior: A frontline fighter, focused on inflicting damage.
  2. Mage: A backline fighter, using powerful magic attacks.
  3. Cleric: A support character that can heal and buff allies.
  4. Thief: High damage and able to steal enemy items.
  5. Pop Star: Damage and buffing allies with songs.
  6. Chef: Heal and buff allies with cooking, plus moderate physical damage.
  7. Cat: Quick and agile fighter, with cat-like reflexes for dodging.
  8. Imp: Damage and inflict status ailments on enemies.
  9. Scientist: Heal and buff allies, plus use science to damage enemies.
  10. Tank: Defensive character with high HP and the ability to shield allies.
  11. Flower: Moderate damage and heal allies with aromas.
  12. Vampire: Unique character that can deal damage and heal by sucking blood.

You can switch between these jobs anytime to find the perfect combination for your team.

Benefits of Working in Miitopia

Miitopia is a role-playing video game with 38 jobs to choose from. Each one has its own perks!

Some of the best benefits are:

  1. Job mastery – As you play, you unlock new abilities and skills for battle.
  2. Flexibility – You can switch jobs and experiment with combinations for your playstyle.
  3. Team building – Different jobs for your party members can help with battles.
  4. Character customization – Each job has its own outfit and look, so you can customize your characters.

Working in Miitopia is an exciting and rewarding experience, with lots of jobs and unique benefits.

Types of Miitopia Jobs

Miitopia has twelve jobs, each with unique abilities and specialties. Here’s a list of them:

  1. Warriors – They use physical damage, and can endure hits for the party.
  2. Mages – They use elemental magic to cause heavy damage.
  3. Clerics – They can heal and remove bad status effects.
  4. Thieves – They are speedy and can steal items, plus deal high damage with critical hits.
  5. Pop Stars – They sing and dance to heal allies and decrease enemy stats.
  6. Chefs – They cook and serve food to heal and boost stats.
  7. Cats – High evasion and quick strikes on multiple enemies.
  8. Scientists – Advanced technology to damage and heal.
  9. Imps – Cause chaos and confusion with their random attacks.
  10. Tanks – High defense and can reflect enemy attacks.
  11. Flowers – Control plants to damage enemies and heal allies.
  12. Vampires – Drain HP and transform into bats for extra movement.

Each job has its own pros and cons, and can be customized with different gear and abilities.

Job Requirements in Miitopia

In Miitopia, there are 14 totally different jobs that boast unique traits, strengths, and flaws. Check ’em out:

  • Warrior
  • Mage
  • Cleric
  • Thief
  • Pop Star
  • Chef
  • Cat
  • Imp
  • Scientist
  • Tank
  • Princess
  • Flower
  • Vampire
  • Elf!

You can pick and choose the job that best fits each Mii’s character to make your team the strongest it can be – and you can switch them up throughout the game.

Job Availability in Miitopia

Miitopia is an RPG with 8 jobs. Each job has its own special powers, skills and personality traits. These are the jobs:

  • Warrior – a fighter with powerful attack & defense.
  • Mage – casts spells to harm enemies.
  • Cleric – cures allies & removes bad statuses.
  • Thief – evades & steals.
  • Pop Star – uses music to buff or debuff.
  • Chef – cooks dishes with benefits.
  • Cat – agile & quick, sometimes can dodge.
  • Scientist – uses gadgets to help or hurt.

Every job is unique, giving lots of replayability. Try them all!

Salary and Benefits in Miitopia

Miitopia offers twelve jobs/classes, each with its own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Plus, each job has its own salary and benefits. Here are the jobs and their benefits:

  • Warrior: Salary: 200G, Insurance: Health Insurance.
  • Mage: Salary: 220G, Insurance: Retirement Plan.
  • Cleric: Salary: 230G, Insurance: Life Insurance.
  • Thief: Salary: 250G, Insurance: Dental Insurance.
  • Pop Star: Salary: 270G, Insurance: Vision Insurance.
  • Chef: Salary: 280G, Insurance: 401K Plan.
  • Cat: Salary: 330G, Insurance: Health Savings Account.
  • Scientist: Salary: 350G, Insurance: Flexible Spending Account.
  • Imp: Salary: 360G, Insurance: Term Life Insurance.
  • Tank: Salary: 370G, Insurance: Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance.
  • Princess: Salary: 400G, Insurance: Long Term Disability Insurance.
  • Flower: Salary: 420G, Insurance: Short Term Disability Insurance.


To sum it up, Miitopia has a lot of job choices. There are 12 main jobs and some special hybrid ones. Each one is special, with its own skills, powers, and stats. This is important for making the best team.

However, some jobs and abilities work better in certain cases. Players should test out different jobs and abilities to find the best mix for each situation. All in all, with this many job choices, Miitopia is a fun and exciting game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many jobs are there in Miitopia?

There are a total of 12 different jobs in Miitopia.

2. Can my Mii character have more than one job in Miitopia?

No, each Mii character can only have one job at a time in Miitopia.

3. What are the different types of jobs in Miitopia?

The 12 different jobs in Miitopia are: Warrior, Mage, Cleric, Chef, Thief, Pop Star, Cat, Tank, Scientist, Imp, Elf, and Flower.

4. How do I unlock new jobs in Miitopia?

New jobs become unlocked as you progress through the story and complete certain quests in Miitopia.

5. Can I change my Mii character’s job in Miitopia?

Yes, you can change your Mii character’s job by visiting the Job Change location and paying a fee of 500 Gold.

6. Do different jobs have different abilities in Miitopia?

Yes, each job in Miitopia has different abilities and skills that can be used in battle.