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How Many Jobs Are There In The Christmas Tree Industry Nationwide

How Many Jobs Are There In The Christmas Tree Industry Nationwide

Bored of the same old job? Did you know there are loads of jobs in the Christmas tree industry across the US? Year-round or seasonal – this exciting industry is perfect to explore your career options. But how many jobs are there in the Christmas tree industry? Let’s check it out!

Introduction to Christmas Tree Industry

The job-generating Christmas tree industry is a major part of the US economy. In recent years, the demand for real trees has skyrocketed, leading to tons of employment openings.

The National Christmas Tree Association reports that the industry employs over 100,000 Americans, in roles like tree farmers, retailers, and truck drivers.

Plus, it’s great for rural areas, as most jobs come from farming. There are seasonal openings too, with many temporary or part-time positions available during peak times.

And with the rise in real trees over fake ones, the prospect of job growth in this industry is looking very good for the future.

Overview of Christmas Tree Industry in the US

The Christmas tree industry has a huge impact on the US economy. In 2019, near 100,000 jobs were associated with it. These included jobs in farming, transportation and retail sales.

  • Christmas tree farms: 12,882
  • Transportation and shipping: 98,210
  • Retail sales: 96,472

Oregon is the biggest producer of Christmas trees in the US. It accounts for one-third of all trees produced. Around $3.4 billion is made during the holiday season. This provides jobs for thousands in the US.

Types of Christmas Tree Jobs

The Christmas tree industry is a source of employment for many people in the US. Here are the types of jobs available:

  1. Tree Farmers: Plant, care for, and harvest Christmas trees.
  2. Truck Drivers: Drive large trucks with delicate loads of trees.
  3. Sales and Marketing: Promote and sell trees to farms and vendors.
  4. Seasonal Workers: Assist with tree sales, customer service, etc. during Christmas.
  5. Management: Manage operations, production, and HR.

Pro Tip: To secure seasonal employment in the Christmas tree industry, start looking for jobs early in autumn.

Christmas Tree Job Trends

The Christmas tree industry creates many seasonal jobs in the USA. From farm workers to retail sales staff, different sectors offer employment. The National Christmas Tree Association states that 100,000 jobs are created each year. These include:

  • Farm and tree care staff for planting, growing and harvesting.
  • Truck drivers for delivering trees to retailers.
  • Retail staff for selling to the public.
  • Wreath and garland makers.
  • Customer service representatives.

Plus, some jobs for recycling and disposing trees post-holidays.

The Christmas tree industry is an essential source of seasonal employment, especially in rural areas where job options are few.

Christmas Tree Industry Growth

The Christmas tree industry has been on the upswing in the US, creating plenty of job openings. According to the National Christmas Tree Association, the industry employs roughly 100,000 people.

These jobs encompass a broad range of vocations, like tree farmers, retail staff, transportation and logistics professionals, and seasonal staff who help with tree farming and harvesting.

Plus, the industry spurs job production in associated industries, like package and decoration manufacturing. It additionally augments local economies in rural areas where tree farming is prevalent.

With the ever-increasing inclination for US consumers to buy real Christmas trees, the industry is likely to continue its rise in the future. Pro Tip: Think about backing local tree farms or buying trees grown sustainably to support this expanding field and its workers.

Factors Affecting Christmas Tree Job Availability

The Christmas tree industry provides jobs across the nation. The amount of positions will differ depending on a few things:

  1. Where you are located: Urban areas likely have more job openings.
  2. Time of year: Jobs may be limited to the few weeks before Christmas.
  3. Health regulations: Coronavirus may lead to less staff or more safety protocols.
  4. Size of farm: Bigger farms require more workers, leading to more job openings.

Pro Tip: To find work in the Christmas tree industry, contact local farms, tree lots, and holiday retailers. Agricultural knowledge or retail experience can help.

Benefits of Working in the Christmas Tree Industry

The Christmas tree industry is a major benefit to the economy. The National Christmas Tree Association states that there are over 100,000 jobs nationwide. Working in the industry has many benefits.

  • Job Creation: It provides employment in rural areas with limited job prospects.
  • Economic Stimulus: It creates revenue and jobs for those involved in growing and selling trees and other industries like transportation, retail, and tourism.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Christmas tree farms provide oxygen and filter pollutants.
  • Family Traditions: Visiting tree farms is a tradition for many families. It creates and sustains relationships with customers.

Overall, the Christmas tree industry has many rewards.

Pro Tip: Support local Christmas tree farmers to help the local economy and reduce carbon footprints from imported trees.


In conclusion, the Christmas tree industry offers a multitude of jobs. The National Christmas Tree Association states around 100,000 jobs per year, including full and part-time roles. Popular jobs are tree farmers, laborers, transport managers, retail managers and customer service reps. The job market differs with the season and location, and it takes effort and commitment. However, the industry provides many job openings and plays a major role in the economy.

Pro tip – Do your research on the job market in your area. Begin by gaining experience in tree planting or sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many jobs are there in the Christmas tree industry nationwide?

There are approximately 100,000 jobs in the Christmas tree industry across the United States.

2. What types of jobs are available in the Christmas tree industry?

Jobs in the Christmas tree industry range from farm workers and harvesters to managers and sales associates in retail stores.

3. How much do workers in the Christmas tree industry make?

The pay for workers in the Christmas tree industry varies depending on the job, but the average hourly wage is around $11.75.

4. What states employ the most workers in the Christmas tree industry?

The top states for Christmas tree production and employment are Oregon, North Carolina, and Michigan.

5. How does the Christmas tree industry impact the economy?

The Christmas tree industry contributes over $1 billion to the U.S. economy and creates jobs in both rural and urban areas.

6. Is the demand for Christmas trees increasing or decreasing?

The demand for real Christmas trees has been stable in recent years, while artificial trees have grown in popularity.