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How Many Numbers Jobs Are There In Skyrim

How Many Numbers Jobs Are There In Skyrim

Thinking of a career in numbers? Check out the amazing RPG Skyrim! It has jobs galore. From merchant to alchemist, you’ll get to flex your numerical muscles and have a thrilling time. Let’s discover how many number-related jobs there are in Skyrim!


Skyrim is an open-world game full of jobs, tasks, and quests to explore. Money can be earned in many ways, and six main job categories are available:

  1. Smithing: Craft weapons, armor, and jewelry to use or sell.
  2. Enchanting: Imbue weapons and armor with magical effects.
  3. Alchemy: Brew potions and poisons from materials found in the world.
  4. Speechcraft: Speak to NPCs to persuade, intimidate, or barter.
  5. Lockpicking: Unlock doors and containers.
  6. Pickpocketing: Steal items and gold from NPCs.

Overview of the Skyrim Universe

The Skyrim Universe and Jobs in the Game

There are many jobs in the Skyrim universe, including:

  • Blacksmithing – make/improve weapons and armor.
  • Alchemy – mix potions and poisons from ingredients.
  • Enchanting – use soul gems to give magic to weapons and armor.
  • Cooking – prepare meals from ingredients.
  • Mining – get ore and other materials from mines and caves.
  • Woodcutting – chop down trees for logs and materials.
  • Hunting – track and kill animals.
  • Pickpocketing – steal without getting caught.
  • Lockpicking – pick locks on doors, chests, etc.
  • Sneaking – move quietly and stay hidden.
  • Archery – use bows and arrows to attack.

Skyrim has lots of job types, so players can always find new things to do and skills to learn.

Types of Jobs Available in Skyrim

Skyrim offers a wide range of jobs. From manual labor to highly skilled positions, there’s something for everyone! Check out these popular careers:

  1. Blacksmiths craft weapons, armor and metal objects using a forge and raw materials like iron and steel.
  2. Alchemists create potions and poisons with Skyrim ingredients.
  3. Bounty Hunters track down and capture fugitives who are on the run.
  4. Thieves steal valuable goods and pickpocket citizens for a profit.
  5. Mages use their magic to cast spells and manipulate elements.

If you’re looking for a new job or a career change, Skyrim has something for you!

The Number of Jobs in Skyrim

The vast game of Skyrim offers up oodles of options to win experience and cash. There are twelve jobs available, each with their own needs and prizes. Here’s the line-up:

  1. Brewing potions
  2. Making magical objects
  3. Metalworking
  4. Excavating ore
  5. Chopping wood
  6. Growing crops
  7. Making food
  8. Catching fish
  9. Tracking animals
  10. Trading items
  11. Singing tunes
  12. Opening locks

In short, Skyrim offers a great way to make money and gain experience…just don’t forget to stay focused and balanced in order to reach your goals!

Benefits of Working in Skyrim

Skyrim offers players lots of advantages. These include building character, gaining experience points, and earning extra gold. Moreover, there are various jobs that players can do in the game. Here are a few of them:

  1. Alchemists can collect ingredients and mix them to make potions. They can then sell these or use them to benefit their character.
  2. Blacksmiths use raw materials to make armor, weapons and other objects to sell.
  3. Bounty hunters track and capture criminals for a reward.
  4. Enchanters use soul gems and magical items to make enchantments on armor and weapons.
  5. Bards perform in inns and cities and earn gold and increase their speechcraft.

Players can choose a job which best suits them and their goals.

Challenges of Working in Skyrim

Skyrim offers a range of job options! From home-building to trading, there are plenty of choices. It’s important to know the challenges before deciding which job to take.

No exact number of jobs available, but some of the popular ones are blacksmith, alchemist, mage, and joining one of the game’s guilds.

  • Blacksmiths work with materials like ore and leather to make weapons and armor for sale or personal use.
  • Alchemists create potions using herbs and ingredients for sale or use in the game.
  • Joining the mage guild gives access to magic spells and new abilities.

These jobs come with their challenges – battling harsh terrains, dangerous creatures, and managing inventories.

Pro Tip – Consider having multiple sources of income in Skyrim to avoid relying on one profession!

Strategies for Finding Jobs in Skyrim

Skyrim offers a world of chances for adventurers to make money or start a career. It’s got 21 job types! Popular jobs include Alchemy, Smithing, Enchanting and Speech. Each job needs certain skills and tools. You can learn them by doing quests and levelling up.

You’ll find work in markets, shops and guilds all over Skyrim. Network, do quests and explore to find jobs. Accumulate wealth and learn new skills – the possibilities are endless! With over 20 job types to choose from, you’ll never get bored.


Skyrim offers a wealth of number jobs. Alchemy, Enchanting and Smithing are some of the most popular. These require different skills and styles of gameplay. Plus, the rewards can be lucrative: gold, valuable items and more. Taking on these number jobs diversifies gameplay and brings players closer to the game’s world.

To sum up, Skyrim is an exciting game, with plenty of opportunities to explore and succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many numbers jobs are there in Skyrim?

There are a total of five number-related jobs in Skyrim, including the Alchemy, Enchanting, Smithing, Speech, and Lockpicking skills.

2. What is the Alchemy job in Skyrim?

The Alchemy job in Skyrim involves creating potions and poisons using various ingredients found throughout the game world. This skill allows players to craft powerful potions that can be used to heal, enhance stats, or harm enemies.

3. How do I become an Enchanter in Skyrim?

To become an Enchanter in Skyrim, players must first acquire the Enchanting skill. This skill can be leveled up by disenchanting magical items, using soul gems to enchant weapons and gear, and by completing enchanting-related quests.

4. What is the Smithing job in Skyrim?

The Smithing job in Skyrim involves crafting and improving weapons and armor. This skill allows players to create powerful gear that can be used to take on tough enemies and complete challenging quests.

5. How do I increase my Speech skill in Skyrim?

The Speech skill in Skyrim can be increased by successfully completing persuasion and intimidation quests, selling and buying items, and by using the Speech skill in conversations with non-playable characters.

6. What is Lockpicking in Skyrim?

Lockpicking is a skill in Skyrim that allows players to pick locks on chests, doors, and other items. This skill can be increased by successfully picking locks and completing lockpicking-related quests.