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How Many Side Jobs Are There In Cyberpunk

How Many Side Jobs Are There In Cyberpunk

Curious ’bout side jobs in Cyberpunk? For those seeking extra income, there’s loads of chances in this colorful and evolving industry. You might be shocked at how many paths there are for honing your skills – let’s explore them!


Welcome to Cyberpunk, a world bursting with money-making opportunities. Side jobs await you! From quick ‘gig’ jobs to longer stories, pick the ones that fit you best. Popular side jobs include:

  1. Beat on the Brat – Fight for cash!
  2. The Gun Dealer – Trade with suppliers for plenty of profit.
  3. Agent Saboteur – Sabotage factory equipment for a client.
  4. Heroes – Save a man from body-snatchers and get paid.

So many side jobs to explore! Try different ones and find what you like. More money awaits.

Types of Cyberpunk Side Jobs

Cyberpunk has a variety of side jobs! Here are the top 5:

  1. Hustles: Looting, delivering packages, and raiding criminal hideouts.
  2. Gigs: Quests of all sizes, such as stealing and assassinating.
  3. NCPD Scanner Hustles: Solve cases and take down criminals.
  4. Cyberpsychos: Missions to take down people with cyberware.
  5. Special Jobs: High-paying quests unlocked by reputation or stats.

Pro Tip: Side jobs give XP and loot, making main missions easier.

Benefits of Cyberpunk Side Jobs

Cyberpunk 2077 features a huge selection of side jobs! 28 to be exact. These tasks will give you rewards, helping you progress through the main storyline. Here’s why completing side jobs is great:

  1. Level up faster with extra XP.
  2. Get awesome weapons, cyberware, and clothing.
  3. Get to know characters and storylines.
  4. Earn in-game currency to buy items and vehicles.
  5. Enjoy diverse challenges and gameplay.

Side jobs are perfect for all types of players, making Cyberpunk 2077 even more awesome!

Challenges of Cyberpunk Side Jobs

Cyberpunk 2077 has loads of side jobs! From assassinations to thefts, there’s something for everyone. Each job poses a unique challenge. Navigating the open-world, fighting tough enemies and bosses, plus strict requirements and time limits make them tough. Plus, some side jobs may affect the main storyline or relationships with other characters. So, it’s key to think before taking on a side job in Cyberpunk 2077. Assess risks and rewards. And prepare!

Popular Cyberpunk Side Job Platforms

Cyberpunk has some popular side job platforms. You can get gigs, courier jobs, hacks, and rescue missions. Here’s the most popular:

  1. Gig – Get missions from Fixers. Steal, assassinate, deliver or do cybercrime.
  2. NCPD Scanner Hustles – Get these jobs from the NCPD Scanner app. Rescue people, stop gangs, or take down cybercriminals.
  3. Reported Crimes – Find these jobs with your scanner. Retrieve stolen items or take down criminals.

Doing these jobs earns money, XP, and rep. Be careful and prioritize safety!

Skills Needed for Cyberpunk Side Jobs

Cyberpunk 2077 delivers a great range of side jobs that can earn you extra eurodollars and boost your Cyberpunk skills. Not all side jobs have prerequisites, but some tough side jobs demand certain abilities. Here are some of the necessary abilities for tackling challenging side jobs in Cyberpunk 2077:

  • Hacking: Necessary for breaching security systems, disabling security cameras and unlocking doors to access restricted areas.
  • Engineering: Repairing machines, hacking robots and turrets for combat.
  • Stealth: Vital for avoiding detection in hostile places.
  • Combat: Gun fighting and melee combat techniques are essential.
  • Crafting: Crafting skills used to create or upgrade weapons, cyberware to improve combat skills.

These side jobs can often lead to further quests and storylines, making it an awesome side venture.

How to Find Cyberpunk Side Jobs

In Cyberpunk, there are many ways to find side jobs. These jobs are secret and appear only in certain places or when certain missions are completed.

Check your phone and email for messages from fixers about new jobs.

Explore the city! Speak to NPCs, hack billboards, and look around side streets to find hidden jobs.

Complete missions – this might unlock more gigs.

Ask around – in bars and clubs people may have job leads.

Use the map to explore the city and talk to everyone to reveal new side jobs.

Try these tips to find valuable rewards and improve your game experience.


To sum up, Cyberpunk includes numerous side jobs. These provide an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. Deliver packages, hack security systems, fight gangs, and save hostages – these are some of the side jobs! There are 25 different ones. Each has its own storyline, characters, and goals.

Players can also find side jobs by exploring Night City and talking to people in it. All in all, side jobs are entertaining, give rewards, and help level up your character. Pro tip: Look out for side jobs with special rewards and chances to increase your character’s abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are side jobs in Cyberpunk?

Side jobs refer to the missions that are not part of the main storyline in Cyberpunk. These missions are optional and can be completed at any time during the game.

How many side jobs are there in Cyberpunk?

Cyberpunk has a total of 49 side jobs that players can complete. These are spread throughout the different districts and can be unlocked as players progress through the game.

Are side jobs important in Cyberpunk?

Side jobs in Cyberpunk are not crucial to the main storyline, but they can be very beneficial to players. Completing these missions can provide players with valuable rewards and help them to level up their character.

How do I unlock side jobs in Cyberpunk?

Side jobs in Cyberpunk can be unlocked by exploring the different districts and speaking to the various NPCs scattered throughout the game. These missions will be marked on the player’s map once they are unlocked.

Can I complete side jobs after finishing the main story in Cyberpunk?

Yes, players can complete side jobs in Cyberpunk even after they have finished the main storyline. These missions can be completed at any time, regardless of the player’s progress in the game.

What kind of rewards can I get from completing side jobs in Cyberpunk?

The rewards for completing side jobs in Cyberpunk can vary, but they can include valuable items, experience points, and money. Some missions may also unlock new abilities or upgrades for the player’s character.