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How Many Tasks Are There For Each Age In Adopt Me

How Many Tasks Are There For Each Age In Adopt Me

Are you a new parent in Adopt Me? Do you want to know the appropriate tasks for your age? Get ready! Here’s an extensive list of tasks and rewards for each age group. No more second-guessing! All you need to know about Adopt Me tasks is here!


Adopt Me is super popular amongst kids and teens. Players can adopt furry friends, decorate homes, and play with their friends. To earn rewards & level up, players can complete several tasks! The number of tasks available varies by age. Here are the breakdowns:

  1. Baby: 22 tasks, including drink from a bottle, crawl & sit.
  2. Toddler: 26 tasks, including paint & play with blocks.
  3. Pre-Teen: 32 tasks, including water plants & play instruments.
  4. Teen: 36 tasks, like baking & hosting parties.

What is Adopt Me?

Adopt Me – an online game on Roblox for pet-lovers! You can adopt virtual pets and raise them in various settings. Plus, take part in “tasks” to win rewards and level up.

The number of tasks you can do depends on your pet’s age. Here’s a summary:

  • Newborn: 2 tasks
  • Junior: 4 tasks
  • Pre-teen: 6 tasks
  • Teen: 8 tasks
  • Post-teen: 10 tasks
  • Full grown: 12 tasks

Pro tip: Speed up your progress by taking on the most tasks you can for your pet’s age. You’ll reap rewards faster!

Age Categories in Adopt Me

In Adopt Me, there are six age categories, each with unique tasks:

  1. Newborns have no tasks.
  2. Babies can carry pets and fetch items.
  3. Toddlers can clean up toys and get dressed.
  4. Pre-teens can mow lawns and wash cars.
  5. Teens can cook meals, take care of pets and drive cars.
  6. Post-teens have access to all tasks.

Players must complete tasks to advance.

Tasks for Toddlers

Adopt Me, a popular game, has tasks for toddlers of all ages. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Age 1: Crawling and playing with toys.
  2. Age 2: Walking and interacting with others.
  3. Age 3: Playing mini-games, stroller races, and speaking first words.
  4. Age 4: Going on quests and doing activities like dancing and blowing bubbles.
  5. Age 5: Role-playing and adopting pets.
  6. Age 6: Attending school and learning.

It’s important to remember that each task needs different skills and coordination. So, follow the milestones for each age group.

Tasks for Preteens

In the online game Adopt Me, preteens can complete various tasks. 12 tasks are available for this age group. These include:

  1. Wash the car
  2. Plant flowers
  3. Bake cupcakes
  4. Feed pets
  5. Walk pets
  6. Organize a classroom
  7. Set up a lemonade stand
  8. Sort mail
  9. Help with restaurant service
  10. Deliver newspapers
  11. Be a pizza delivery driver
  12. Help with grocery store service

Completing these tasks earns rewards and teaches preteens valuable skills like responsibility and time management.

Tasks for Teens

In Adopt Me, each age has unique tasks to complete. Here are the number of tasks for each:

  • Baby (0-1): 4. Drink a bottle, sleep in a crib, crawl, make a mess.
  • Toddler (1-2): 5. Eat solid food, potty train, dance, learn to walk, play with toys.
  • Pre-Teen (12-13): 4. Go to school, do homework, take a shower, do laundry.
  • Teen (14-15): 3. Get driver’s license, go to high school, study for exams.

Successfully completing each task earns rewards, including XP and currency. This can be used to upgrade avatars, homes or buy new pets.

Tasks for Adults

In Adopt Me, there’s no set number of tasks for each age. But, difficulty and type of activity differ for adults and children.

Adults have tasks like: taking care of pets, cooking meals and designing their homes. Plus, they have to raise their kids or babies.

At the Adoption Party, adults can adopt pets, decorate homes and socialize with other players.

Completing these tasks earns virtual currency. This can buy items like pet-related stuff and toys for their children.


To sum it up, the amount of tasks in Adopt Me depends on age. Here’s a list:

  1. Newborn: 0
  2. Baby: 2
  3. Toddler: 4
  4. Pre-teen: 6
  5. Teen: 8
  6. Post-teen: 10
  7. Full Grown: 12
  8. Royale: 14

Though doing tasks is a great way to gain rewards and advance, it’s not necessary. Players can still have fun without tasks or Robux. They can make money, trade pets and build their ideal homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many tasks are there for each age in Adopt Me?

A: There are five tasks available for each age in Adopt Me: Baby, Toddler, Pre-Teen, Teen, and Post-Teen.

Q: Can I do the tasks from the previous age group?

A: Yes, you can complete tasks from previous age groups, but they will not count towards your current age group’s task completion.

Q: What types of tasks are available in Adopt Me?

A: Tasks in Adopt Me range from pet care and dressing up your avatar, to playing mini-games and completing quests.

Q: Is there a reward for completing all the tasks in an age group?

A: Yes, completing all the tasks in an age group will reward the player with a special badge.

Q: How often are new tasks added to Adopt Me?

A: New tasks are added periodically to keep the game fresh and engaging for players.

Q: Can I trade or sell the rewards I receive for completing tasks?

A: No, rewards for completing tasks cannot be traded or sold. They are for personal use and enjoyment only.