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How Many Total Jobs Are There In The Us

How Many Total Jobs Are There In The Us

Worried ’bout your job’s future? Today you can discover how many jobs exist in the US. Reports illustrate the US job market’s changing quickly. Understanding these numbers can assist you in making smart career decisions. You deserve to know where your job fits in the overall picture. Let’s have a look now!


The US job market is a crucial factor in the economy and people’s livelihoods. A 2021 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that in June 2021, the US had 9.2 million job openings. This is huge, yet certain industries still have labor shortages. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed job availability drastically. Some sectors are completely closed, but others need more workers. The future of the job market is blurry. It is unclear how many jobs will be available in the near future. However, the US job market still offers plenty of chances for individuals to find financial stability.

Overview of Employment in the US

In October 2021, the US had 151.1 million jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that in September 2021 they added 194,000 more jobs. This surpasses the pre-pandemic record of 152.5 million from February 2020.

Though the unemployment rate has decreased, hospitality, leisure, education, and healthcare are still struggling to recover.

Remote work and leaving the job market have become more popular due to the pandemic. The job market is essential for the US to understand the pandemic’s effects.

Types of Jobs Available

In August 2021, around 10.9 million jobs were up for grabs in the USA! Types of jobs available? Here’s a list:

  • Healthcare: doctor, nurse, physio, med assistant, home health helper.
  • Tech: software engineer, data analyst, cyber security whiz, IT support, web developer.
  • Teaching: teacher, school leader, counsellor, edu aide, librarian.
  • Skilled Trades: carpenter, electrician, plumber, mason, HVAC technician.
  • Business: accountant, marketer, HR manager, sales rep, ops manager.

Lots of jobs out there – so have a look and find one that suits your skills and interests!

Sectors with the Most Employment

In 2021, there are approximately 143 million jobs in the US. The main sectors employing people are healthcare, retail, and food services.

Healthcare offers a variety of jobs, like doctors, nurses, and therapists. Due to an aging population, this sector is expected to continue growing.

The retail industry employs around 29 million Americans. E-commerce has affected job growth, yet it still provides many jobs.

Food services employ about 14 million people. Chefs, restaurant managers, wait staff, and fast-food workers are all part of this sector. The pandemic has caused significant job losses, yet it still remains a large employer.

Tip: Keep an eye on tech, renewable energy, and digital media sectors. They are predicted to have a lot of job growth in the near future.

Job Growth Trends

The US job market is thriving! Around 150 million jobs exist in the United States.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 943,000 jobs were added in July 2021.

Also, the unemployment rate dropped to 5.4 percent around the same time.

Unfortunately, 2020 saw a huge loss in jobs due to the pandemic. 22 million jobs were lost in March and April.

As of July 2021, the leisure and hospitality sector has had the most job growth. Professional and business services, as well as education and health services, follow.

A pro tip: Staying aware of job growth trends can help job seekers find relevant opportunities.

Impact of Technology on Employment

Technology has changed the job market and the US job count.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that, in June 2021, US job count was 145.7 million. Though healthcare and IT have seen growth, automation and outsourcing have caused a decrease in manufacturing and retail jobs. Technology has also made possible new jobs like AI and cybersecurity.

Understanding the effects of technology on employment and society is complex. If approached correctly, technology can create jobs and promote economic growth.

Challenges Facing US Employment

As of August 2021, there were around 151.1 million jobs in the U.S. But, despite this huge number, the country is still dealing with many big employment issues.

Low labor force participation rate, income inequality, technology advances, and globalization are some of the main problems that are still affecting the U.S employment landscape.

The low labor force participation rate has been around for many years, while income inequality has grown in the last few years, with many low-wage workers battling to make ends meet.

Tech advancements have caused lots of disruption, with automated tasks replacing traditional jobs, leaving many low-skilled employees jobless.

Globalization has also had a big impact on the U.S job market, with plenty of jobs going to cheaper labor markets overseas.

To address these problems, a holistic approach is needed. This includes policy changes, education, training, and bigger investment in tech and innovation.

In 2020, the U.S unemployment rate reached its peak at 14.8% due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


To sum up, the amount of jobs in the US is ever-changing due to economic, social and political reasons.

As of August 2021, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said there were around 151 million positions in the US.

This is constantly changing in reaction to external things, for example the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tip: Keep up with the news and developments in the US job market to stay informed about new openings and changes in job trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the current estimate for the total number of jobs in the United States?

The latest estimate puts the total number of jobs in the US at around 150 million.

2. Has this number been increasing or decreasing in recent years?

The number of jobs in the US has been steadily increasing over the past few years.

3. What industries have the most jobs in the US?

The healthcare, retail, and food service industries have the most jobs in the US.

4. How does the number of jobs in the US compare to other countries?

The US has one of the largest job markets in the world, with only a few countries having a larger number of jobs.

5. How is the total number of jobs in the US calculated?

The number of jobs in the US is calculated using data from various sources, including the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

6. What is the outlook for job growth in the US in the coming years?

Most experts predict that the number of jobs in the US will continue to grow, although at a slower rate than in recent years.