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Isaac Plath Biography and life history

Isaac Plath

Isaac Plath is a celebrity child and television personality. His parents are Kim and Barry Plath, who are the center of the show Welcome to Plathville. The show revolves around the Plath family, a conservative family that entails aspects of religion and conflicts within the family, among other issues. Isaac was born in 2005 and had eight siblings: Hosanna, Micah, Lydia, Ethan, Moriah, Amber, Cassia, and Mercy.


Isaac’s family has been severe on issues such as religion and education. The celebrity child is already done with high school and probably heading to college. However, he has not made it public which course he will major in in college.

The Welcome to Plathville Show

Welcome to Plathville started on November 5, 2019, featuring Kim, Barry, and their nine children. It showcases life experiences, including the ups and downs the family has been going through over the years. The show features the issues each family member has been going through, ranging from Kim and Barry’s ugly divorce to Kim’s latest plot against her daughter-in-law, Olivia Plath.

Isaac’s Relationship with His Family

Isaac Plath has a good relationship with his family; judging from his Instagram posts, you can tell he loves her siblings. He often posts about his siblings. For example, in one of his posts, he posted of himself and Moriah, saying how much he loves her. Despite the issues within the family, Isaac maintains close times with his family members.

His Mother

Isaac’s mother has been an observer of her faith and was glued to her faith’s beliefs. However, following her divorce from Barry, things started going awry for her, and she began exhibiting bad behavior. Season five of the family reality show showcased moments when Kim was arrested for driving under the influence and had to fight her way out in court.

Kim was found guilty of driving under the influence, and despite showing that she is a model citizen, she has yet to apologize for her latest actions to her family and her fans. Besides, Isaac’s mother has also created some drifts in the family; she spreads lies about her daughter-in-law Olivia Plath poisoning Moriah against her.

In her personal life, Isaac’s mother initiated the divorce with Barry, and some of the reasons she gave for wanting a divorce were that she felt lonely and wanted to experience some freedom. She is currently dating a guy named Kenneth Palmer.

Social Media

Isaac Plath is active on social media, especially on Instagram, where he likes sharing pictures of himself and those of his family. He has a large following with over 115k followers. At first, his family was conservative, and they did not like sharing anything on social media platforms; however, after some time, the family started engaging with the world, and the kids, including Isaac Plath, began to post on Instagram and other platforms.

Isaac is also on TikTok and likes sharing videos that resonate with his fans on the platform. Besides, he uses the platform to share his views concerning important societal aspects.