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James Wolcott Gillum: A celebrity sibling following his music passion

James Wolcott Gillum

James Wolcott Gillum is a celebrity sibling and a proficient trumpet player, better recognized for being the brother of American rapper G-Eazy. Although James Wolcott Gillum has not achieved public recognition like his musician brother, he has a good fan following on social media.

Today, let us reveal all the life details of James Wolcott Gillum.

Personal life 

James Wolcott Gillum was born on 23rd May 1992 in the USA as the loving son of Suzanne Olmsted and Edward Giullum and is 31 years old right now. He is an American by nationality and he never bothered to talk about his religious beliefs.

If you are curious to know about the love life of this young dashing man, let us be honest and tell you no information is available in this regard. He must be dating someone but he probably prefers to keep these details to himself only.

Parents and siblings

James Wolcott Gillum is the beloved son of his parents Suzanne Olmsted and Edward Giullum, who both had successful professional careers. The mother of James Wolcott Gillum, who has already died, was an artist and magician. On the other hand, the father of James Wolcott Gillum worked as a professor at CSU. If we talk about the personal lives of his parents, it is a complete secret to the public.

Moving on to the siblings of James Wolcott Gillum, how many brothers and sisters he actually has is not confirmed but one thing is confirmed he has one brother and his name is G-Eazy, who is a famous American rapper.


With the fact that no information is available about the love life of James Wolcott Gillum, saying anything confirmed about the fatherhood journey of James Wolcott Gillum is not possible.

Education and profession 

If we say things directly without beating around the bush, nothing is available about the educational background of James Wolcott Gillum. As for his profession, James Wolcott Gillum is following the footprints of his brother in this context and has made his career in the music industry itself. Today, he is a skilled trumpet player.

Reason for the popularity of James Wolcott Gillum

No doubt James Wolcott Gillum is a professionally successful person but the main reason for his popularity is his brother, G-Eazy, who is a music sensation in the USA right now. In addition to that, the thousands of fan following of James Wolcott Gillum on the Instagram handle is also a good reason for his popularity among youths.

Net worth of James Wolcott Gillum 

Not everyone is comfortable in sharing his earning details and James Wolcott Gillum is one of those people. He has never ever talked about his earnings and net worth. This is the reason you are unlikely to find the exact figures of his net worth. As for the net worth of his rapper brother, G-Eazy, he is expected to have around 12 million right now.


James Wolcott Gillum is professionally well-established as a trumpet player and has been associated with even big artists like Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg.