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Who is Kamryn Riley, Nia Riley’s Daughter?

Kamryn Riley

Nia Riley is not a new name for anyone who enjoys watching Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. The actress has risen to fame courtesy of being an actress and the daughter of an American star. Nia has a daughter, Kamryn Riley. We’ve witnessed different rumors about who her baby daddy is, but we’ve not gotten the actual confirmation of who Nia Riley’s baby daddy is.

This post centers on Kamryn Riley. The young girl is a celebrity daughter, and people are curious to get more information about her. Her mother keeps a secretive lifestyle regarding sharing information about her daughter. We’ve only seen different posts on her Instagram talking about her birthday, and they have been mainly about her birthday.

Biography of Kamryn Riley

As of 2023, Nia’s daughter is about 10 years of age. Although Nia didn’t share the exact details about the birth of her daughter, she took the time to share about her 8th birthday on her Instagram. In her post, Nia mentioned how getting her daughter was among the best things to happen in her life.

She shared that her daughter is funny and makes her happy every time. The post showed a happy family, and although Nia has had different relationships, she stays rigid when it comes to her daughter.

Based on her post on June 16, 2021, we estimate that Nia’s daughter was born on June 16, 2013. She is an adorable girl, and the videos Nia posted show a beautiful and happy daughter. Her full name is Kamryn Riley, and she took her mother’s name.

Baby Daddy Rumors

Nia Riley has not had a constant relationship or been married. However, she has had different relationships, and the most notable instance is with Soulja Boy, a famous rapper. At one point, Nia Riley opened up that Soulja Boy was toxic to her and caused her to miscarry.

A rumor once spread that Soulja Boy was the father of Nia’s daughter. However, Nia Riley said in an interview that Soulja Boy wasn’t her baby daddy. In another rumor, it said that Chris Brown, who once dated Nia Riley, was her baby daddy. However, that, too, was a false rumor, and he wasn’t Kamryn’s father.

Nia Riley has never shared details about who her baby daddy is. She prefers to keep it hidden and takes care of her daughter by herself.

Who is Nia Riley?

Apart from being Kamryn’s mother, Nia Riley is an American reality star born on July 22, 1989. She was born in California, and her birth sign is Cancer. Before fame, Nia worked as a model and would appear on different magazine covers. However, she took an acting role, and her main role has been in Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood film.

Moreover, Nia Riley has been in different relationship encounters with Soulja Boy, a famous rapper. That, too, also worked to her advantage in enhancing her popularity. Nia is active on social media, and you can follow her to get more information about her life.