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Kayra Armstrong – Who is She?


Kayra Armstrong became a popular name during the prosecution of AJ Armstrong. Her brother has been in a case proceeding for the murder of his parents. It was at this time that Kayra Armstrong gained attention when giving her testimonial required to help with the case. Kayra is younger than her brother, but she was there to support him during the tough times he was facing in court. Let’s discuss more about her in this post.

Biography of Kayra Armstrong

Kayra Armstrong is widely known as the sister of AJ Armstrong. Her brother caught global attention due to news of his involvement in a murder case of his parents. AJ Armstrong was convicted of murdering his parents in 2016. The high-profile case attracted the media and quickly spread, making Kayra and his brother become the talk of the internet. It is this case that made Kayra famous.

She is the younger sister of AJ Armstrong, and the age gap between her and her brother is about four years. She was born around 2003, but no official information is available about her birth date. Besides, her birthplace and other birth-related information, including her childhood, are unknown.

Kayra’s Role in the Murder Case

Kayra was present and involved in the seven years that legal proceedings and trials regarding the murder case of her brother were happening. Her main role was giving a testimonial of the events involving her parents’ murder.

Kayra was present during the case proceedings to testify by explaining the events that occurred during the fateful night of the murder of her parents. Moreover, she also gave insights into the relationship between her brother and parents to guide the case.

The murder case court proceedings were covered by the media. There was high media attention throughout the case, and the pressure was mounting on everyone. Nonetheless, she remained steadfast, and the emotional toll the case was having on her didn’t hinder her support for her brother throughout the trial period.

Kayra remained strong despite the challenges the case was putting on her life. The case proceedings were held for a few years, and she was a teen during this time. Apart from her, relatives also came in to support Kayra’s brother during this tough time before the final verdict was served in court.

The case proceedings tidings prevent her from continuing with her education. She was helping with the court proceedings while still focusing on her studies. During this time, she was a student at LSU.

Who is Kayra’s Brother?

AJ Armstrong was born in 1999 and is Kayra Armstrong’s eldest brother. AJ became infamous following the case he had regarding murdering of his parents. The unfortunate incident occurred in 2016 when AJ was 16 years old.

AJ had the murder case running for seven years before the verdict that sentenced him to life imprisonment was served in 2016. By this time, he was only 16 years old as his case was served following his culminating and evidence presented to the court.