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Ke Lingling: a famous political figure and celebrity ex-spouse from China

Ke Lingling

Ke Lingling is a Chinese politician presently serving as the general secretary of the Chinese communist party. Apart from her own political career, she is widely recognized for being the ex-wife of Chinese current President Xi Jinping. Their marriage was short-lived but it is still the reason for the popularity of Ke Lingling.

Today, let us reveal the life details of this Chinese politician starting from her early life to her life today.

Personal life

Ke Lingling was born in 1951 in a Chinese family with a deep-rooted political background and is 72 years old right now. The names of her parents are Ke Hua and Zhang Ming. This is all we can get about the basic life of Ke Lingling.

Coming to the personal life of Ke Lingling, she got married in her life and it was not a successful marriage for her. She got married to Xi Jinping, who is the present president of China, in 1979 but the couple remained together only for 3 years till 1982 before their separation. After that, Ke Lingling moved to the UK and never remarried.

Parents and siblings 

Ke Lingling is the youngest of three daughters of her parents, Ke Hua and Zhang Ming. Apart from the names, nothing much is available about the personal lives of her parents. When they got married and how their married life was is not known to the public. As for the professions, the father of Ke Lingling was a famous Chinese diplomat while his mother has maintained a silence here too.

The same goes for the siblings of Ke Lingling as well. It is known that Ke Lingling has two elder sisters but what are their names and what they are up to today is not known.


Neither married life of Ke Lingling did not yield her any kids nor did she have any kids out of her marriage. Given the fact, Ke Lingling could not embrace motherhood in her life.

Education and profession 

No details are available about the education of Ke Lingling but we do believe that she would be a well-educated lady because she belongs to a prestigious family of great political leaders. Other than that, she has such a great personality, so we can say her educational background must be extraordinary. If you talk about her profession, she is active in the politics of China and presently serves as the general secretary of the Chinese communist party.

Reason for the popularity of Ke Lingling 

Although Ke Lingling is a professionally successful lady is best recognized for being the ex-wife of Chinese President, Xi Jinping.

Net worth of Ke Lingling 

Since Ke Lingling maintains a private life and has not revealed any information about her earnings and net worth, you are unlikely to get the exact net worth of Ke Lingling.


It is unfortunate that Ke Lingling could not have a happy and successful married life. She wanted to move to the UK and her ex-husband didn’t accompany her and this was the reason for her divorce.