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Knee Replacement Recovery: Essential Exercises for Strengthening Your Knee

Knee Replacement Recovery

Undergoing knee replacement surgery is a big step towards improving your life’s quality by getting rid of chronic knee pain and mobility problems. The knee replacement cost in India varies greatly depending on the type of surgery, the hospital and the particulars of the patient’s health insurance coverage. 

However, knee rehabilitation as well as exercises that are aimed at knee strengthening are an integral part of the long road to full recovery. In this blog, we will discuss some key exercises which are crucial during the recovery period after a knee replacement surgery.

Early post-surgery exercises

The first few weeks following surgery are critical for your recovery. Initially, the exercises are designed to reduce swelling in the knee, prevent blood clots, and start the process of regaining the full range of motion in the knee.

  • Ankle pumps and circles: In this exercise, circulation is improved which in turn helps to prevent blood clots. Stretch your ankles by doing up and down movements and then rotate them in circles. Try for short sessions several times per day.
  • Knee bending: Gently bend your knee as you lie down or get up. Use your hands to help give you a deeper stretch, making sure that you are improving the flexibility and movement of your knee.

Intermediate exercises

As you progress with your recovery, the exercises will be made more difficult to make your muscles stronger and improve the functioning of your knee.

  • Seated knee extension: Sitting in a chair, gradually lift your foot and keep it straight for a few seconds before you lower it. This helps you to develop the quadriceps, an essential muscle group for knee stability.
  • Hamstring curls: Place your hands on a surface, bend your knee and bring your heel up as much as you can, till it touches your buttocks.  This works the back of your thighs and makes the knee joint more flexible.

Advanced exercises

When you’ve come far enough, more advanced exercises can be helpful for you to return to your normal activities and to increase your endurance and strength of your knee.

  • Leg presses: Using a leg press machine at low weight, do slow and controlled movements. This training is directed towards your quads, hamstrings and glutes which give your knee stability and strength.
  • Squats: Begin with partial squats, being careful not to go below 90-degree angle. Maintain a straight back posture with your knees not in front of your toes. Squats develop your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes, stabilizing your knee.

Importance of professional guidance

Participating in these activities without proper guidance can be harmful. Working with a physical therapist who can develop an exercise plan for you based on your personal needs and progress is crucial. The expertise of professionals at the best hospital for knee replacement in India will help you to do the exercises correctly and get the most out of them with the least chance of injury.


Knee replacement surgery recovery is a progressive process that demands time, commitment, and proper assistance. With the appropriate exercises and the guidance of professionals, you will be able to strengthen your knee and resume your normal activities with assuredness. Ortil HealthCare will help you find the best medical assistance so that your recovery is not only successful but also affordable.