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Lazlo Biggs: A little celebrity child enjoying the stardom of his parents  

Lazlo Biggs

If you wonder what the life of celebrity kids looks like, look at Lazlo Biggs who has been blessed with that. Right now, he is not even 10 years old but getting all the luxury and pleasure in his life because both of his parents, Jason Matthew Biggs and Jenny Mollen are renowned and successful personalities.

Let us reveal all the details about Lazlo Biggs today.

Personal life 

Born on 2nd October 2017 in the USA as the second child of American celebrity couple Jason Matthew Biggs and Jenny Mollen, Lazlo Biggs is a six-year-old American celebrity son. Considering the status of his parents, he is having a wonderful childhood that is not possible for ordinary people.

With the fact that he is a little child at the moment, he is obviously yet to have a love affair and start his romantic life. Right now, he is busy enjoying his childhood with his siblings.

Parents and siblings 

Lazlo Biggs is the youngest of two children of his parents, Jason Matthew Biggs and Jenny Mollen, who got married in 2008 and have been together since then. The name of the elder brother of Lazlo Biggs is Sid, who was born in February 2014.

Coming to the profession of his parents, both the parents of Lazlo Biggs are renowned personalities today. His father is a famous American actor and comedian while his mother is a successful actress and author.


Obviously, Lazlo Biggs does not have any kids at the moment because he himself is a little child of only 6 years old.

Education and profession 

To be honest, no details are available about the educational background of Lazlo Biggs. With the fact that he is only 6 years old today and is the son of rich parents, we can say that he would be in primary classes right now and would be getting his education from a renowned institute. As for the profession, the little boy is too young to start his professional journey as of now.

Reason for the popularity of Lazlo Biggs 

All credit for the popularity of Lazlo Biggs goes to his parents, Jason Matthew Biggs and Jenny Mollen, who have managed to achieve success at a very young age. They both are renowned personalities and also very much active in social media.

Net worth of Lazlo Biggs

Well, Lazlo Biggs does not have any net worth right now because he is yet to have a profession and earn money of his own. Nevertheless, he has been fortunate enough to be blessed with everything in his life. All thanks to his parents, who both are tremendously successful in their respective careers. As of 2023, his mother, Jenny Mollen, is said to have a stunning net worth of around $2 million.


Lazlo Biggs is the son of two celebrities and both of them are greatly active in the media as well as social media. So, getting the attention of the public is not a big deal for Lazlo Biggs.