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Learn Everything About Bert Girigorie, Wendy Williams’s Ex-Husband

Learn Everything About Bert Girigorie, Wendy Williams's Ex-Husband

Bert Girigorie is still on the ladder of many netizens thanks to his ex-wife, Wendy Williams, an American writer and media personality. The two were married for one year, from 1994 to 1995, before parting ways. Details of Bert’s birth are unknown, but he is probably in his late 50s or 60s. His parents are unknown, but he has two siblings: a sister named Gabrielle and a brother named Bruce Girigorie.

Education and Professional Life

Bert Girigorie comes from a middle-class family that values education, so he must have gone to school up to the college level. However, details of the college he joined or the course he majored in in college are unknown.

Regarding his professional life, Bert Girigorie is a businessman but has maintained the details of the business he runs all to himself. He seems to be a person who prefers to run his businesses away from the public eye. He worked at a radio station in New York City; however, it is unclear if he is still in the media industry.

His Ex-Wife

Wendy Williams started her career as a media personality in the 1980s as a radio host and DJ. In her radio shows, she often threw words at celebrities, resulting in her becoming famous and being the subject of The Wendy Williams Experience. So far, Bert’s ex-wife has had a great career as a media personality and author.

His Marriage with Wendy Williams

Bert Girigorie met Wendy Williams in the early 1990s and became friends. At the time, Wendy worked at a radio station in New York. Over time, the two started going out on dates, and soon they fell in love. In 1994, the couple decided to make their relationship official by conducting a colourful wedding before their loved ones. However, the couple’s marriage was short-lived; after five months, they started having marital issues and had to part ways. The couple’s divorce proceedings began and were finalized in 1995.

During their time together, Bert and Wendy did not have any kids.

Why did Bert and Wendy Separate?

Bert and Wendy’s union was bound to fail; the couple started having issues on their wedding day. It was supposed to be a private moment for the two, but Wendy invited a reporter and photographer, which Bert was uncomfortable with. A few days into the marriage, Wendy started cheating, and she failed to come home at night, only to show up in the morning without an explanation.

Bert Girigorie mentioned that he believed Wendy never loved her; she just wanted to marry him because he fit her parents’ expectations. Bert came from a middle-class and well-educated family, fitting Wendy’s expectations.

Life After Divorce

When the marriage did not work, Bert Girigorie and Wendy decided to part ways; Wendy married Kevin Hunter and had a son together. However, Wendy and Kevin divorced over cheating allegations. On the other hand, Bert decided to live a private life, and it is believed that he remarried, had kids, and is living a happy life.