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Leslie Jones Net Worth: How Wealthy Is actor ?

Leslie Jones Net Worth

Leslie Jones is a famous American who has grown her net worth through her many careers. She has acted in several movies, as well as being a comedian and writer, helping her earn good money. As of 2022, Leslie Jones’ net worth was estimated around $7 million.

Most of Leslie’s net worth is a result of her involvement in the acting industry. She was fortunate to be cast in the Saturday Night Live show, and it is believed that she earned among the mid to highest-paid actors in the show.

In the first season of SNL, cast members earned $147,000, and the amount increased as one progressed to the next season. By the time Leslie was leaving the show, she had made good money, boosting her net worth.

Leslie Jones’ Career

Leslie’s career started after being crowned the funniest Person on Campus. Once the crowning took place, Leslie left Colorado and went to Los Angeles, where she started her career. She used to work at UPS and Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles and at night at comedy clubs.

Leslie Jones met Dave Chappelle and Mother Love, who encouraged her to spend two years in New York City as she worked on her comedy skills.

While in New York City, she landed BET’s Comic View, which was her debut comedy show. She was Jamie Foxx’s tour partner, and it enabled her to meet Chris Rock, who enabled her to land the Saturday Night Live role.

Besides being a comedian, she ventured into acting in 1996, starting with In the House. After an episode with the film, she landed more opportunities acting in films like Sploosh(1998), Does That Make Me a Bad Person? (1999) and many others.

Leslie Jones auditioned for SNL in December 2013, and she got a writing job initially. After writing, she started acting on SNL with Weekend Update and later on two other episodes. In 2014, she was promoted to feature in a play in October, making her one of the oldest people in the show.

Leslie performed excellently in SNL, and she appeared in more than 100 episodes of the show. Due to her great performance, she was nominated twice for Primetime Emmy nominations. Additionally, she landed more shows after SNL, which enabled her to increase her net worth.

Besides Leslie Jones being a comedian, she showed great love for the Olympics. She was known for live-tweeting on the Olympics, something that made NBC fly her to Brazil to cover a few games.

Where Did Leslie Jones Go to School?

Leslie Jones was born on September 7, 1967, in Memphis, Tennessee, and her family used to move a lot. Leslie went to Lynwood, California High School, where she started playing basketball as a result of her father’s suggestion.

Her involvement in basketball earned her a scholarship to Chapman University in Orange, California. While in the University, she worked as a DJ at KNAB. Jones’ coach transferred to Colorado State University, where Leslie joined and majored in Computer Science and later specialized in communication.

While in University, Leslie was registered by a friend to a comedy contest. Leslie was crowned the funniest person on Campus, which paved the way for her comedy career.