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Lobsang Dargey: A con man with so-called social stardom

Lobsang Dargey

Lobsang Dargey is a Tibetan monk turned real estate con man, who scammed masses of people in China and accumulated huge money through the wrong ways. Besides his fraud works, Lobsang Dargey is also famous for being the ex-spouse of American author, Tami Agassi, the sister of famous American tennis player, Andre Agassi.

Today, allow us to tell you all the life details of Lobsang Dargey including his early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and all other such details.

Personal life 

With the fact that Lobsang Dargey is mainly famous because of his fraud works, no information is available about his early life including the names of his parents as well as his date of birth. According to the reports, he is around 50 years old right now because he was 43 in 2017. The only confirmed thing about his early life is his nationality and you know that is Tibetan.

Coming to the love life of Lobsang Dargey, he fell in love with the American famous author Tami Agassi. The two got married in 2004. However, their relationship could not be everlasting and they ended with a divorce in 2020. Soon after, Lobsang Dargey remarried and the name of his second wife is Yang Liu. Other than the name, nothing is available about the second wife of Lobsang Dargey.

Parents and siblings 

With the fact that Lobsang Dargey never talked anything about his family background, finding out anything related to his parents as well as siblings is not really possible.


Lobsang Dargey was married to his ex-wife, Tami Agassi for almost 16 years. He welcomed three kids through this marriage. However, nothing such as the names and ages of his kids are known to the public.

Education and profession 

You are unlikely to find anything about the education of Lobsang Dargey because he never dropped any details related to the same. Coming to the profession of Lobsang Dargey, in the initial years of his career, he was a Buddhist monk but later turned into a real estate businessman. He used the celebrity status of his wife to build his real estate empire. However, his fraud act was exposed later and he was even imprisoned.

Reason for the popularity of Lobsang Dargey

The ex-spouse of Lobsang Dargey is definitely a major reason for his popularity but mainly he is infamous as a real estate con man. Not just the Chinese investors, but he even conned his wife.

Net worth of Lobsang Dargey 

The exact net worth of Lobsang Dargey is not known because he has not made these details public. However, we do believe that Lobsang Dargey is a millionaire because he defrauded millions of money from Chinese investors. Not only Lobsang Dargey but nothing much is available about the earnings and the net worth of his celebrity ex-spouse as well.


Lobsang Dargey served in prison for his illegal acts from 2017 to 2020 but he hasn’t changed even a bit. According to reports, he is still involved in his illegal real estate business.