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Meet Model Behati Prinsloo’s Mother, Magda Prinsloo

Net Worth

Magda Prinsloo has been on the ladder of most netizens thanks to her daughter, Behati Prinsloo, a Namibian model. She is married to a man named Boet Prinsloo, a church minister, but details of when their marriage started are unknown. Besides, Magda Prinsloo has not revealed her birth details, and it is hard to tell when she was born. However, she is probably in her late fifties or her sixties.

Education and Career

Magda Prinsloo loves to live a low-key life, and she came into the limelight thanks to her daughter, Behati Prinsloo. And given that she loves living privately, it is hard to tell the schools she attended and her level of education. However, given that she is an education-lover, she must have gone to some schools up to at least the high school level.

Regarding her professional life, Magda Prinsloo is a business lady; she runs a bed and breakfast business, and whatever earnings she gets are enough to cater to her daily needs.

Her Daughter

Behati Prinsloo is Magda’s only child; she loves and raised her with love, ensuring all her needs are met. Having been born in Namibia, Behati grew up speaking the Afrikaans language. However, given that she was going to school, she started learning some English, which has proved beneficial in her work.

Magda’s Daughter’s Modelling Career

Magda’s daughter’s modeling career started in 2006 in Grootfontein Secondary School. She was discovered while on a vacation with her grandparents in Cape Town; she was shopping in a grocery store when a guy approached her and asked if she was a model. Behati said she was not a model, and the guy told her she could be a good model. He told her to contact him after sharing his contact information.

Upon contacting the guy, Behati’s life changed, and she dropped out of school. Magda’s daughter debuted in 2006, after which she went on to work with various magazines and covers, including British Vogue and W Magazine. Magda’s daughter has walked on fashion shows for Versace, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton and Alexander Wang.

Is Magda’s Daughter Married?

Behati Prinsloo is married to musician Adam Levine, who is part of the American group Maroon 5; the two started dating in 2012, and after two years, they decided to exchange their wedding vows. They have been together for a decade and have three children: daughters Gio Grace and Dusty Rose and a son they are yet to reveal his name.

His daughter is a mother of three, which makes Magda Prinsloo a grandmother of three, but it is unclear if she is close to them and gets to spend quality time with them.

Is Magda Prinsloo’s Daughter on Instagram?

Behati Prinsloo is active on Instagram, where she enjoys a considerable following; she has over 9 million followers and likes posting pictures of herself and her friends. Besides, she also posts photos of the fashion shows she has been part of. She is also on App X and Facebook.