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Malia Bernal: Networth and Biography


Delve into the fascinating life of Malia Bernal, the American martial artist, fitness instructor, and actress who has defied age and gender norms. Born on October 5, 1942, in California, she embarked on a journey into martial arts from a young age, earning a seventh-degree Black belt in Xiang Dai Kung Fu. Beyond her prowess in the arena, her personal life, relationships, and resilience in breaking gender barriers showcase her multidimensional personality. Explore the enigma surrounding her early life, career triumphs, and the influence of martial arts on her journey.

Early Life:

Malia Bernal, born on October 5, 1942, in California, exhibited an early passion for martial arts. Introduced to Xiang Dai Kung Fu at a young age, she devoted her mind and soul to the discipline, achieving a seventh-degree Black belt. While her family background remains undisclosed, her formative years reflect a dedication that laid the foundation for a remarkable journey in martial arts and fitness.


Malia Bernal’s career is a testament to her tenacity and groundbreaking achievements. From a young age, she defied societal norms by competing with male martial artists, championing the softer Kung Fu style. Progressing to study Wun Hop Kuen Do under Grandmaster Al Dacascos at 22, she emerged as an internationally recognized Kung Fu legend. Beyond martial arts, Malia seamlessly integrated athleticism into her fitness work, showcasing versatility. Her journey embodies resilience, breaking gender barriers in a predominantly male field, and earning her a revered status as a martial arts icon, leaving an indelible mark on the realms of athleticism and entertainment.

Net Worth:

Malia Bernal’s estimated net worth of $500,000 stands as a testament to her enduring commitment to martial arts and fitness. While financial success followed years of hardship, Malia’s emphasis on achievements and fame dwarfs the monetary value. Her net worth reflects the recognition earned through dedication, proving that, for her, accomplishments and influence surpass mere financial metrics.


Details about Malia Bernal’s family remain enigmatic. Born in California, her exposure to Xiang Dai Kung Fu from a young age shaped her determined character. Although specific family information is undisclosed, her journey suggests a foundation built on discipline and passion, providing a glimpse into the influences that fueled her martial arts odyssey.


In 1970, Malia married Al Dacascos, a martial arts instructor known as the “Grandmaster.” Their marriage produced two stepsons, Craig and Mark Dacascos, shaping her role as a mother. Despite the divorce in 1984, Malia, now a single mother, navigates life with grace. Her relationships showcase not just martial arts prowess but also resilience and balance in personal dynamics.


Malia Bernal’s life unfolds as a testament to determination, breaking barriers, and achieving excellence. From her early dedication to martial arts, overcoming societal expectations, to her legendary status in the field, Malia’s journey is a source of inspiration. Her family, relationships, and net worth provide glimpses into a life shaped by discipline and passion. As we conclude this exploration, Malia Bernal stands not just as a martial arts icon but as a symbol of resilience and accomplishment, leaving an indelible mark on the realms of fitness, acting, and breaking gender norms.