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Meet Mariana Baston, Actress Natalia Esperon’s Daughter


Mariana Baston is a celebrity child, the daughter of Mexican actress and former model Natalia Esperon and her ex-husband Jose Baston. Mariana was born on November 17, 2003, as one of the triplets of the then-husband and wife. The other two children born at the same time as Mariana are Sebastian and Jose Antonio; however, Sebastian died a few days later following a short illness.


Despite being a media personality, Mariana has not been so open about her educational background. However, given that her family is well-off, she must have attended the best schools. Currently, the celebrity child is in college but has not revealed the course she is pursuing; however, the course is media-related.

What does she Do?

Mariana Baston is a media personality; she often attends celebrity events. In April 2018, she accompanied her father and stepmother, Eva Longoria, to The Hollywood Blvd, where they were honored with a star. Mariana is a great media sensation; her fans would love to see her take after her mother and grace our screens for years to come.

Personal Life

Marianna Baston has been rather careful not to reveal much on her social media handles; it is unclear if she has a boyfriend or is dating. However, she is still young and has a whole life ahead of her; she will have time with guys of her liking, and we will probably see her with her family someday.

Her Parents

Mariana’s parents met in the 1990s and started a romantic relationship. In 1995, Natalia and Jose married and welcomed their first child together the following year. In 2003, the couple received a set of triplets, but then they started growing apart. In 2005, the couple decided to end their union. After the divorce, Mariana’s father focused on his business, but he later met actress Eva Longoria, and the couple has been inseparable ever since.

After the end of his first marriage, Mariana’s father was not interested in another relationship. Still, after meeting Eva, whom he had initially refused to meet, his life took another turn. Jose often accompanies his current wife to red carpet events. Besides, he serves as the president of Televisa, the leading mass media company in Mexico.

On the other hand, Mariana’s mother has continued with her acting career since her divorce. She has not revealed if she is dating any other guy but seems happy with her life. Natalia’s acting career started in 1994, and she appeared in several telenovelas before taking a break from acting in 2013. She returned to the acting industry, and since then, she has appeared in two television shows: Corazon Guerrero and Tierra de Esperanza.

Social Media

Mariana is a media celebrity, and as such, she is active on social media platforms; she is on Instagram, where she has a considerable following. Her Instagram account is private; those who follow her are the only ones who can view her posts. She often posts pictures and videos of herself. Besides, you can view her photos on her mother’s Instagram account.