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Who was Meer Taj Mohammed Khan: Meet Shah Rukh Khan’s Father

Meer Taj Mohammed Khan

Meer Taj Mohammed Khan was the father of Indian film actor Shah Rukh Khan, known for appearing in various Hindi films. He was born in Peshawar in the late 1930s as the youngest child of Jan Muhammad and his wife. Meer’s siblings were Mian, Ghulam, Kher Jan, Allah Bakhsh, and Khan Muhammad. His family moved from Peshawar to India, and he soon became active in the country’s politics.

Personal Life

Meer Taj Mohammed Khan was married to Lateef Fatima Khan; it is unclear how they met, but they were together until his death in 1981. During their time together, the couple had two children, Shehnaz Lalarukh Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. Meer died in 1981 after fighting cancer for some time.

He Was a Freedom Fighter

According to his son, Meer Taj Mohammed Khan was the youngest freedom in India; at age fifteen, he was already active in India’s politics as he sought independence for India. He rallied fellow compatriots to fight for their freedom and independence from their colonizers. Besides, Meer Taj Mohammed Khan was highly connected to Indian politics; he was a close associate of General Shahnawaz and often emphasized the importance of freedom.

Relationship with His Son

Meer Taj Mohammed Khan had a close relationship with his son. He often advised him on things relating to politics. At first, he did not understand why his father was involved with politics, but later realized his father played a major role in fighting for India’s independence. Meer died when his son was just fifteen years old; his death greatly affected his son Khan, but it also motivated him to fight for what was right. The attributes his father instilled in him continued to play a major role in his adult life.

His Son’s Acting Career

Shah Khan is among the many famous actors in India. Meer’s son has appeared in nearly a hundred films and has been very influential in the acting industry. Most of his fans often refer to him as King Khan, given that he has made a great impact in the Hindi film industry and has won several accolades. He has a great following on his social media handles and is among the top most loved Indian actors. Besides, as most look up to him, he has greatly inspired aspiring actors.

Meer Taj Mohammed Khan’s son started acting in the late 1980s, debuting in 1992 in the film Deewana. Besides acting, Shah is also a film producer and television host. As a television host, Meer’s son has hosted several television and award shows, including TED Talks India Nayi Soch. Due to Shah Khan’s influence in India, he was named among the top 100 influential figures in 2023 by Time magazine.

Net Worth

Meer’s son has made a great fortune while in the show business. He has appeared in several films and has always been paid well for his appearances. Besides, he has won several accolades that significantly contributed to his overall net worth. His net worth is estimated to be 760 million dollars.