Sears Mission Statement and Vision Analysis

Sears mission statement is “To grow our business by providing quality products and services at great value when and where our customers want them, and by building positive, lasting relationships with our customers.” It’s also part of the company’s corporate culture and has many meanings. What does Sears mission statement mean? Means that Sears mission … Read more

Isagenix Mission Statement and Vision Analysis

Isagenix mission statement is “to create the world’s greatest health and wellness products and business opportunity that together would transform lives both physically and financially.” The company’s vision is “unstoppable team members who are energized and inspired to live healthier, happier lives for themselves and their families.” In this article, you will learn about the … Read more

Blizzard Mission Statement and Vision Analysis

The company Blizzard has a mission statement which is “dedicated to creating the most epic entertainment experiences…ever.” In order to fully understand the company’s mission, it is necessary to examine their vision. Their vision is “to create the most epic entertainment experiences…ever.” The company aims to bring in new innovations and continually improve their work … Read more

Medtronics Mission Statement Analysis

There are many companies that have mission statements but not all of them are created equal. In order for a company’s mission statement to be effective it must be clear, concise, and helpful in guiding its actions. This blog will explore the Medtronic Mission Statement and how effective it is as well as its effectiveness … Read more

Citibank Mission Statement Analysis

While the Citibank Mission Statement seems to be straightforward and concise, it is not sufficiently detailed. To know if this is true, we need to analyze the mission statement with a variety of factors such as industry-specific competitive analysis, customer demographics and profitability issues. Competitive Analysis When we talk about this organization’s competition within the … Read more

NBA Mission Statement Analysis

The NBA is an equal opportunity employer and as such, desires to be reflective of the communities they serve. The NBA provides opportunities to both men and women, tailoring programs and activities to meet the specific needs of each audience. So, how does it measure up? To answer this question we will use a few … Read more

Spirit Airlines Mission Statement Analysis

Spirit Airlines is a US-based airline that operates low-fare flights to popular destinations. The company began in 1992 and it headquarters is located in Miramar, Florida. Spirit Airlines has gone through many changes since its creation, but its mission statement has not changed – “To be the most desired travel retailer by providing affordable prices … Read more