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Pasquale Rotella Net Worth: How Wealthy Is Pasquale Rotella?

Pasquale Rotella Net Worth

Pasquale Rotella is a famous CEO who has captured the attention of people due to his hard work. The CEO, who is estimated to have a net worth of $50 million, has worked for a number of years in organizing events, helping him earn a fortune.

Pasquale started the adventure in the early 1990s, and despite police hunts due to illegal activities, the business has blossomed into a leading company that organizes successful events. The CEO has been attracting a large number of audiences over the years, enabling him to grow his business better.

Pasquale Rotella’s Early Life

Rotella was born on August 8, 1974 in Glendale, California, USA. Rotella was born into a family that was into business, and he worked at the family restaurant, which equipped him with a few skills.

When Pasquale was a teen, he was into parties, like most teens. In 1991, he attended a party, La Casa, which changed him and inspired him to venture into such a business. The party inspired him to become an event organizer, and soon, he decided to pursue his passion.

How Pasquale Rotella Became a CEO

Pasquale Rotella formed his company Insomniac Events in 1993. It was never easy starting the company, and he had to work hard to grow the company. There being established event organizers, Rotella worked hard to gain the status of an acclaimed event organizer.

Over time, the company gained momentum, and it started attracting a huge audience yearly. One of the most famous electronic music is the Electric Daisy Carnival, which made Rotella known as the most powerful electronic dance music.

As the company gained popularity, it started organizing other major events like White Wonderland, Audiotistic, Beyond Wonderland, Together as One and many others. The organizing of such successful events is one of the greatest contributions of Pasquale’s net worth, making him one of the richest CEOs.

Moreover, in 2014, Rotella created another company, Insomniac Records, which aimed at signing undiscovered producers to enable them to become popular. The creation of the Records company also contributed to Rotella’s net worth.

Are Insomniac Events Engaged in Illegal Activities?

We can all agree that becoming popular in the business world comes with a lot of controversies. Rotella’s business is not the odd one out, and in 2010, it was accused of engaging in legal activities and lacking security. This was attributed to the fact that a 15-year-old girl had a drug overdose, which led to her death.

The police accused Insomniac Events of a lack of security, but the business has continued blossoming over the years, gaining more fans every year.

Pasquale Rotella’s Family

Trusted sources indicate that Rotella was once a family man and still a father. In 2011, Rotella started dating Holly Madison, a former Playboy Playmate. The couple exchanged vows in 2013, and they remained married until 2019.

Rotella and Madison welcomed a daughter in March 2013 and a son in August 2016. Despite such a growing family, the couple confirmed they separated in September 2018 and legally divorced in February 2019.