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PetSmart: Mission, Vision, Values and Strategies

PetSmart: Mission, Vision, Values and Strategies


PetSmart is a global leader in pet care and services and one of the largest specialty pet retailers of services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets. Their mission statement, vision statement, values, and strategies all seek to highlight their commitment to the health and well-being of animals and to creating a positive environment for both owners and pets. Let’s take a closer look at PetSmart’s mission statement, vision statement, values, and strategies:

Overview of PetSmart

PetSmart is an American privately held retail chain operating in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico that focuses on providing pet products, services, and experiences. It is the largest specialty pet retailer of services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets. It has more than 1,500 stores in the United States and a network of nine distribution centers across North America.

At PetSmart, their mission is to make it easier for families to care for their pets. From bringing them home for the first time to helping them stay healthy through pet nutrition products and veterinary care services to offering best-in-class grooming options—they strive to continuously offer new ways that put pets first.

Their vision statement defines their driving purpose: “We inspire a healthier world where all lives can flourish both inside and outside our stores.” This statement encompasses all aspects of their business practices – from caring for those family members who meet them at home with a “tail wag” or a purr every day to accompanying pet owners in making informed pet lifestyle decisions through knowledge-based services like Doggie Day Camp, professional grooming salons, training classes and adoption centers within PetSmart stores.

PetSmart Mission Statement

PetSmart is a retail chain that offers pet products, services, and experiences. The company has been in operation for over 30 years, and its mission statement reflects its commitment to providing quality service for customers and their pets.

This mission statement analysis will explore PetSmart’s vision, values, and strategies to help understand their objectives.

Analysis of PetSmart Mission Statement

PetSmart is one of the leading pet supply retailers in North America with more than 1,387 stores throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The company provides not only pet supplies but also a variety of services, ranging from grooming to in-home pet training. With over 26 years of experience in the business, PetSmart aims to be every pet owners’ trusted partner. As such, its mission statement clearly defines what it stands for as a business and how it plans to achieve its goals.

PetSmart’s mission statement is “To help create moments that unlock possibilities that make lives better for pets and their parents.” This well-crafted sentence encapsulates the core purpose of PetSmart which is: To provide pets and pet parents with better quality of life through meaningful experiences and long-term relationships.

At PetSmart, they recognize that being a responsible parent means being informed about caring for your pet and making informed decisions about products and services. Their mission statement also highlights their focus on making sure they provide helpful advice whenever possible by encouraging customers to ask questions and seek assistance when needed. They strive to provide outstanding customer service through expertise on products, safety information and service options like grooming and training classes offered at their stores.

Additionally, PetSmart encourages customers to explore all possibilities when it comes to creating a special bond with their pets as well as connecting with other families who share similar interests. By fostering an active community network through their own social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, they create “good moments” that make life better for everyone involved – individuals, families and pets alike!

PetSmart Vision Statement

PetSmart has a mission to create an environment that helps pets live happy and healthy lives. They have a vision to be the trusted partner of pet parents everywhere, providing them with access to knowledge, products and services that make their lives better. To achieve this, PetSmart has developed a strong array of values and strategies that guide their actions.

In this article, we will look in-depth at PetSmart’s vision statement, values, strategies and more.

Analysis of PetSmart Vision Statement

The PetSmart Vision Statement is: “To be the trusted partner in creating a lifelong, joyful bond between people and their pets.

At PetSmart, the company seeks to be more than a destination for pet parents. They strive to create a partnership with customers by creating strong relationships that last for the life of their pet. The vision statement outlines PetSmart’s commitment to the bonds between humans and their pets – both during the current situation of companionship, but also throughout its development over time.

The mission statement is concerned with understanding what goes into forming such a unique bond and how it can be maintained. In order to do this, PetSmart glean from behavioral science and offer a variety of resources such as expert advice on nutrition, care, products and services as well as innovative programs such as Doggie Day Camp and Birds & Bunnies Clubhouse that entertain animals and strengthen these bonds. This mission statement speaks to how they want to make an impact in society by providing an enriched pet experience for all customers who visit them – whether online or in-store.

In addition to this understanding, PetSmart also has core values supporting this undeniable passion for pets. The core values are specifically crafted around enhancing relationships; namely

  • integrity,
  • flexibility/innovation/self-discovery through experimentation/teamwork/collaboration/quality assurance;
  • promoting wellness through nutrition/managing risk;
  • environmental stewardship;
  • leadership through inspiration & guidance/trustworthiness that decisions are made with ethics & compliance in mind;
  • growth & service orientation;
  • safety always comes first when it comes to people or animals;
  • creating meaningful partnerships opportunities both internally & externally;
  • as well as continuous improvement in order to remain competitive within the industry.

With these elements combined together – mission, vision statement, values and strategies – one can see how PetSmart fully understands what goes into forming these specialized bonds between pet parents and their beloved animals while maintaining professionalism on both sides which is what drives them forward each day with purpose.

PetSmart Values

PetSmart is one of the top pet retailers in the US and they have set a strong foundation of values to drive their mission and vision statements. PetSmart values include customer service, trust, integrity, quality, innovation, and an ethical workplace. Their values are front and center in all their operations, and these values are the foundation of their strategies and success.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the company’s values and how they shape their decisions.

Analysis of PetSmart Values

PetSmart’s mission is to provide an unparalleled grooming, pet adoption, and merchandise shopping experience to pet owners. PetSmart’s vision statement is ‘to be the trusted partner in pet care.’ To achieve this vision and mission, PetSmart has a strategy that includes establishing relationships with customers, promoting responsible pet ownership, putting the well-being of pets first in all decisions, and giving back to the community.

When it comes to PetSmart’s values system, it starts with selecting people who have a high level of commitment to customer service and responsible pet ownership. PetSmart emphasizes respect for fellow associates and customers, having fun while being safe at work and at home, continuous improvement of its products and services, doing what is right for pets and their families regardless of external pressures or influences; maintaining equal treatment for all customers; doing whatever it takes to make sure every customer’s experience meets their needs; establishing trustworthiness throughout its organization; helping strengthen communities by supporting organizations associated with responsible animal ownership; promoting community awareness by helping people understand how they can care for animals responsibly; following ethical business practices while taking initiative to improve current practices when necessary; partnering with vendors and agencies committed to quality control of products related animal welfare (i.e., only selling food that has been approved by the AAFCO standard); striving for excellence in training standards through both in-house seminars as well as outside workshops/classes on various topics related animal welfare cultures within stores globally so that team members uphold all company values consistently across all stores; supporting employees through onboarding programs that stress safety procedures as well as customer service expectations for everyone.

These are just some examples of how PetSmart outlines its values system in order to promote consistency across its operations globally.

PetSmart Strategies

PetSmart has focused its strategy on delivering superior shopping experiences for customers and their pets. This includes engaging multiple channels for marketing and services, as well as providing a wide range of products which meet high quality standards. Additionally, PetSmart operates with a commitment to community involvement, which is clear in their mission, vision and value statements.

Let’s dive into the details and explore PetSmart’s strategies.

Analysis of PetSmart Strategies

PetSmart is a leading provider of pet products and services, offering food, grooming, adoption and other services as well as an expansive selection of products. As PetSmart continues to grow its business, strong strategies are needed to ensure the company’s success. In this article, we analyze PetSmart’s mission statement, vision statement, values and strategies to see what they can tell us about the company’s overall strategy.

Mission Statement: To help create lifelong relationships between pets and people.

The mission statement reflects PetSmart’s focus on relationships. It suggests that the company puts strong emphasis on creating long-term relationships with pet owners and fostering strong bonds between pets and their owners. This focus on relationships is further emphasized in its commitment to providing quality products for pet owners and excellent care for the animals in their stores.

Vision Statement: To provide the best solutions, products and services that keep pets physically fit, mentally alert and emotionally happy.

The vision statement puts forth an ambitious goal for PetSmart going forward – helping keep pets healthy in three different ways – physically fit, mentally alert and emotionally happy – through various solutions such as products, services and advice. This speaks to the company’s commitment to delivering high quality service for customers while helping them care for their beloved animals in all aspects of their health journey together.

Values: Respect – We treat each other with respect regardless of our differences; Integrity – We do what’s right even when it’s difficult; Innovation – We embrace change and new ideas; Accountability – We take ownership of our actions; Compassion – We care deeply about each other’s wellbeing; Service Excellence – We are dedicated to providing exceptional service every day.

PetSmart values reflect a commitment to customer service excellence while also recognizing that there is more than that which makes up a successful relationship between customers (pet owners) and PetSmart staff (experts). Respect for differences amongst staff members is highlighted alongside accountability both from a corporate perspective (accountability) as well as from individual employees (Integrity). Finally recognizing that new ideas are necessary for development (innovation) as well as compassion for customers and employees alike which extends past simply product or service satisfaction (compassion).

Strategies: Through its ongoing use of cost optimization initiatives, PetSmart focuses on providing high value products at prices that make sense for customers while also streamlining processes throughout its stores. The retailer’s wide selection of pet services emphasizes its desire to foster healthy relationships between pets and people while also offering convenience through online shopping experiences. In addition, there has been a significant focus on digital innovation with an ever growing emphasis on loyalty programs, technology & automation offerings, digital marketing opportunities & advanced analytics capabilities within the organization. These strategies suggest an overarching desire by PetSmart provide comprehensive solutions which bring added value across various levels within customer (& employee) experience across all points offering efficiencies, convenience & personalization.


The PetSmart mission statement seeks to be beneficial to the “clients and pets we serve, the communities in which we operate, and our nearly 55,000 associates.” It also emphasizes customer-centric approaches to enhance and improve customer experiences, while promoting a positive workplace culture that builds relationships with customers. The company’s values of honesty, respect, integrity, dedication to customer care and satisfaction are integral parts of its mission statement.

Overall, PetSmart has come up with an effective mission statement that helps them enjoy higher brand loyalty from their customers as well as market share growth. They keep their customer-oriented approach in check by coming up with strategies like:

  • Providing superior product offerings and services from knowledgeable associates;
  • Increasing pet adoptions through sponsorship of local adoption events;
  • Introducing humane pet care practices such as spay/neuter campaigns;
  • Providing store tours for schools for better local community engagement initiatives.

Their goal is to deliver an environment where people have a lot of fun when they do business with PetSmart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is PetSmart’s mission statement?

A: PetSmart’s mission statement is “to provide innovative pet solutions and services that enrich the lives of pets and pet parents.”

Q: What is PetSmart’s vision statement?

A: PetSmart’s vision statement is “to create a lifelong, joyful relationship between people and their pets.”

Q: What are PetSmart’s values and strategies?

A: PetSmart’s values are integrity, respect, innovation, collaboration, and passion. PetSmart’s strategies are to provide customers with quality products and services, promote responsible pet ownership, and focus on giving back to the pet community.