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Everything You Need to Know About Pretend Newlyweds

Pretend Newlyweds

Getting married can be expensive. Surprisingly, the average cost of weddings has increased twofold in the last decade. As more couples choose to tie the knot later in life, wedding costs are expected to continue rising. Taking on the role of your own “wedding planner” can be a smart move, allowing you to cut down on some of these costs. This approach enables you to tailor your wedding to fit your budget and gives you a level of control over your spending.

What is Pretend Newlyweds

Pretend Newlyweds, an amusing and interactive art initiative by Nikubou, invites couples to pretend to be married playfully. The project aims to foster intimacy and trust between partners through enjoyable interactions. Engaging in this game also provides an opportunity to create a shared narrative that can become a significant and cherished aspect of your relationship.

Pretend Newlyweds by Nikubou is a traditional event in which two people pretend to be married for one day. They spend the day pretending to be husband and wife and perform various activities together to symbolize their marriage. The event is usually held on a special day such as Valentine’s Day or another romantic holiday. Normally, the pair engages in activities like participating in a formal wedding ceremony, enjoying a romantic date, cooking together, and tending to each other’s requirements.

Friends and family members who appreciate positive interactions among people often find joy in Nikubou’s Pretend Newlyweds. Additionally, some participants opt to create their own Pretend Newlyweds event by leveraging online tools or social media platforms.

Origin of Nikubou’s Pretend Newlyweds

The exact origins of Nikubou’s Pretend Newlyweds remain uncertain, but it is believed that the event likely originated in Japan. It might have gained popularity there thanks to comedians or TV hosts who exploited it as a gag. Over the past few years, there has been a growing trend in the online popularity of Nikubou’s Pretend Newlyweds, particularly on various social media platforms.

Purpose of Pretend Newlyweds by Nikubou

The goal of the initiative is to cultivate positive relationships among individuals and promote happiness globally. Additionally, participants are anticipated to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their interactions with others by engaging in the study.

Benefits of Pretend Newlyweds by Nikubou

Every couple has a unique relationship and experience that they can share with others. Nikubou’s Pretend Newlyweds offers couples a unique and enjoyable opportunity to express their love, bypassing the complexities of actual marriage. It serves as a platform for couples to have fun, strengthen their bonds, and provide friends and family a glimpse into their relationship.

Additionally, the event can help to strengthen relationships by providing a platform for friends and family members to witness how well the couple is getting along. It’s a great way to bond and learn more about your significant other as you overcome the challenges together. The event allows couples to experience the ups and downs of being newlyweds, fostering a deeper understanding of each other. Moreover, participating in this playful simulation enables couples to establish potential long-term traditions and behaviors.

Tips to help you enjoy Pretend Newlyweds By Nikubou

Be prepared: Before beginning, ensure that both you and your partner feel at ease in the chosen setting and have all the essential supplies ready, including costumes and props for your themed days.

Be creative and don’t be afraid to take risks: There is no right way to perform Nikubou’s Pretend Newlyweds, so feel free to try and experiment with different ceremonies and activities. It is a wonderful chance to interact and express who you are. Take photographs, dance, or write each other humorous love messages.

Keep an open mind and have fun: Remember that the primary goal of Nikubou’s Pretend Newlyweds is to have a good time. Even couples who may feel shy or uncomfortable with traditional wedding traditions can still have a fantastic time. If you or your partner find certain aspects challenging, don’t hesitate to communicate with the host. They will make an effort to ensure that the experience is enjoyable for everyone involved.

Make new friends: Pretend Newlyweds by Nikubou is usually popular because it enables engaged couples to network with other engaged couples in a relaxed setting. This can be a great place to make future wedding plans or meet potential allies during important life decisions.


If you and your partner are looking for an opportunity to spend some quality time together, Nikubou’s Pretend Newlyweds may be the perfect fit for you. By pretending to be newlyweds for a day, couples can establish new traditions and behaviors that they may keep up long-term. Moreover, by capturing Nikubou’s Pretend Newlyweds through photographs, you create a lasting record of the occasion. Reviewing and discussing the events afterward allows you to derive lessons and enhance your connection.