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Small Business Ideas to Start at University

Small Business Ideas to Start at University

Most people associate college years with being broke and constantly struggling with money. Indeed, it is true in many cases. However, it doesn’t have to be like that for everyone. Some students are born with entrepreneurial instincts. Others may have great ideas for a small business. Some students don’t want to be broke and seek independent ways to earn money in their free time. 

Sure, juggling classes and business seems a bit much, especially for exhausted, overwhelmed students. Yet, there are great business ideas that can be a perfect fit for young people in college. They don’t require much capital to start, have flexible hours, and rely solely on your skills and determination. Let’s explore those ideas and ways you can fit this extra work into your busy schedules.


Let’s start with the obvious one. Being a college student revolves around knowledge, skills, and learning. That’s about 80% of your time in college (or at least it should be like that anyway). Yet, most students struggle to complete all their assignments and study on their own. Sure, they can go to sites like to receive instant writing help online. Or they can hire a tutor. That’s where you come in. 

Being a college tutor can turn into a real business if you want it. You get to help other students who might be struggling while creating a growing presence on tutoring online platforms. You build clientele, make money, grow in rates, and share your wisdom and skills with others.

Craft Maker 

Are you an artsy person? Do you know how to make crafts like jewelry, artwork, or recipes? You can easily make such a passion of yours into a business. Choose a craftsmanship platform where you can advertise and sell your crafts, find a niche, build an audience, and start making money by doing what you love. 

So many people are into handmade crafts. You can follow the trends, create your own brand, and set up a proper online shop on platforms like Etsy and similar. 

Social Media Manager

These days, everyone uses social media. In fact, many students seem to be the ultimate experts in social media management. So why not make money on it? All businesses strive to connect with their audiences online. They also use social media to compete with others and promote their services. 

Social media managers help these businesses create content plans, develop a brand voice, stay consistent with their postings, and more. Students can do so remotely and in their own time. Such services can grow into a business where companies seek your expertise and skills.


If you have special skills like writing, coding, or experience in design, freelance work may be the way to go. Sure, you will have to face immense competition. However, the more you move up with each order, the easier it becomes to find new clients. Soon, businesses will come to you for help, not the other way around. 

To start, you need to find your niche and register on one or several freelance platforms. Make a profile that shows your skills and experience to land your first job. Learn to advertise your services, talk to clients, and go after gigs you want. It will take time, but so does any business. Just be persistent and consistent. 

Events Planner 

Do you love planning parties and making sure everyone has a good time? Offer event planning services to student organizations or even private parties. This could involve finding a fantastic place to have the event, ordering food, hiring a DJ – all the stuff that goes into making a party unforgettable.

Bonus Tips 

Finally, once you have our business of choice up and running, it’s time to establish some ground rules. You need to master both studies and business without sacrificing any of it. So, here are some helpful tips to nail the hustle culture without burning out or failing classes: 

  • Time Management: College life is chaotic at best. To conquer both studies and your business, become a master of scheduling. Block out dedicated work hours for your business and stick to them. Utilize free pockets in your day, like waiting between classes, for quick tasks. 
  • Balance Is Vital: Set your priorities straight, and don’t waste more time in one or another area. Remember, you’re a student first! Focus on getting good grades, getting enough sleep, and staying social and active in your friends group. Get help from papersowl writers if you need it. Check out their reviews if you wonder, “Is good?”. 
  • Learn and Grow: As a student, you must already know the value of learning. The same principle applies to business. The business world is never still. It keeps changing and adjusting, and so do you. Take courses and tutorials, and talk to industry experts to stay on top and thrive through the challenges. 
  • Celebrate: Running a business while in college won’t be easy. You should recognize it before starting and be ready to accept the hard work. However, you should also pay attention to all the small wins you gain along the way. Acknowledge your achievements, big or small! Celebrate them. You deserve it!