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SolarCity Mission Statement Analysis and Vision

SolarCity is a firm that focuses on the installation, design, and maintenance of solar systems. SolarCity have a mission statement that says “We are committed to doing the right thing for the right reasons at the right time.” They also have a vision statement which states “A world powered by clean energy.”


SolarCity is an American company that specializes in renewable energy. Founded in 2006 by Lyndon Rive and Peter Rive. The company provides solar power systems for residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects. It also sells electricity from solar generation facilities to customers who do not want or cannot install their own system.

SolarCity employs over 9,000 people across 20 countries and is increasing every year.

Introduction: The Founders Of SolarCity

SolarCity is a company that designs, maintains, and installs solar panels for homes and businesses. It was founded by Lyndon Rive and Peter Rive in 2006. Lyndon Rive has been an entrepreneur from the age of 12 when he started a successful snowboard business called SnowCrest.

Peter Rive studied engineering at Stanford University and helped develop an electric car battery charger company called ZeeVee Inc.

The Story of SolarCity – It’s Early Days

The Story of SolarCity is an inspiring story of a company, which was founded by eccentric engineer Peter Simons, to change the future. Simons was not an MBA or trained in business; he was simply an engineer who had come up with the idea that photovoltaic cells could be made affordable for homes.

He left his job at General Electric to start SolarCity with his cousin Elon Musk, who would later go on to fame and fortune as the founder of PayPal and Tesla Motors.

When this company started in 2006, it had 12 employees and $37 million in annual sales. SolarCity’s share price went public in 2012 with a market valuation of $1 billion; it has since grown exponentially through its merger with Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA), making it

How SolarCity’s Vision Influenced Their Successful Business Model

SolarCity is a company that provides solar energy solutions. Unlike most companies, they have a different business model in terms of their approach to the market and how they have positioned themselves in this competitive industry. In this article, I will be discussing how the vision of the company has influenced their success and what went into creating their business model.

In 2006 when SolarCity was founded, it wasn’t focused on only one type of solar panel system. They were focused on making solar more affordable for customers and providing homeowners with more choices for where they wanted to install solar panels on their property. This led to them becoming one of the largest providers and installers of residential, commercial and industrial systems in America.

Conclusion: The Developing Story Of SolarCity And What It Means For Us Now

The conclusion discusses what this acquisition meant for SolarCity and the larger narrative of the company.

Conclusion: SolarCity has been sold to Tesla and is now Tesla’s solar panel division. This acquisition was a large one, but it has been proven that Tesla is not interested in selling their products.