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Taylor Nicole Earnhardt Glamorous Life, Youthful Personality, & More


Taylor Nicole Earnhardth is a famous Rodeo Competitor, racer and champion. She became famous for her competitive nature like her father. Taylor’s father Dale  Earnhard was a legendary car racer and champion.

Early Life

Dale Earnhard and his wife Teresa Earnhardth gave birth to their daughter Taylor on December 20th, 1988 in Morrisville, North Carolina, United States. Her Zodiac sign is Capricorn. Her mother Teresa Houston was the third wife of her father.

Taylor grew up with her half siblings Dale Jr, Kerry and Kelly. Taylor Nicole spent most of her childhood in stables, learning about horses, training for horse riding and rodeo competitions. Later she started to compete in Various competitions, showing a fierce attitude in racing just like her father Dale.


Since childhood, Taylor always leaned towards horse riding. So much so, her training started when she was only 3. This was totally different from her family legacy. Growing up she developed a huge passion towards rodeo competitions and winning.

Taylor also raced in 2009 driving the Black Number 3 in Festival of Speed. After that she took part in various competitions, solely focusing on Rodeo Competitions. She became a household name in the year 2010 after winning SRA Southern Finals Rodeo, district champion.

She also appeared in the documentary of her father Dale Earnhardt, which released in 2007. Through her career, Taylor appeared in various interviews, brand endorsements and championships.

Later she became the spokesperson of her father’s non-profit organization, Dale Earnhardt Incorporated.

Net Worth

Taylor Nicole Earnhardt’s total net worth is around $15 Million. She earns around $1 per year. This includes her income streams, assets and championship winning prize. She also earned her father’s fortune and became the director of his cooperation.

Why Is She Famous

Taylor Nicole’s popularity comes from her being the legendary racer, Dale Earnhardt’s daughter, however, that’s not all. She has a wide fan following because of winning numerous Rodeo champions, giving advice on various interviews and also practicing humanitarian attributes.

Media Appearance

Taylor often appears in interviews, advancing the newbies of Rodeo Competitions. While she owns an Instagram with 14k followers, which keeps growing everyday. She posts about her horses, father, and children.

Personal Life

Taylor Nicole Earnhart became a household name after winning numerous rodeo competitions. She followed the path of her father but in her own way.

Taylor married Brandom Putnam on 26th May, 2012. Brandom is the owner of a Hi-Tech, a Grading and trucking company. He is also active in rodeo championships like his wife, and also enjoys hunting.

The couple gave birth to their only daughter in 2020, whom they named Sage Nicole Putnam. The couple live privately in the United States with their daughter.


Taylor Nicole is the daughter of Legendary Car Racer Dale Earnhardt, and his third wife Teresa Houston. Taylor became famous for her talent and winning numerous rodeo championships.

She became the spokesperson of her father’s non-profit organization after his tragic death in a car accident in 2001. She married Brandon in 2012, and has a daughter with him.