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Teil Runnels Personal Life, Popular Family Members, & More


Teil Runnels is a famous American Celebrity star kid. Legendary American wrestlers, Dusty Rhodes is her father and wrestler Cody Rhodes is her brother. She also appeared in T.V show Biography: WWE Legends.

Personal Life

Dusty Rhodes, the legendary American wrestler and his second wife Michelle Rubio gave birth to their first daughter Teil Runnels, on September 12, 1982 in Austin, Texas, United States.

Teil Runnels’ zodiac sign is Virgo. Teils Runnels grew up with her brother Cody Rhodes, half-siblings, Dustin Rhodes, Goldust Runnels and half-sister; Kristin Runnels Ditto.

She married her boyfriend Kevin Gergel who works in a CA Company. They have two children together, a son and a daughter. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her family.

She appeared in numerous T.V. shows as the sister of Cody Rhodes and daughter of Dusty Rhodes. However, she lives a semi-private life and has never disclosed anything about her personal life, such as her education and profession.

Net Worth

Due to her private life, she never shared her professional details. However, her total estimated net worth is around $4 million, which  includes her income streams and land assets.

Her brother Cody Rhodes’ net worth is $8 Million, he earns $300,000 per match as his salary.

Her late father, Dusty Rhodes’ had a net worth of $3 Million at the time of his death.

Why are they popular?

Teil Runnels is popular because of Celebrity Family. American Legendary wrestler, Dusty Rhodes is father while Cody Rhodes is her beloved brother. She became popular as the sister of Cody Rhodes during his peak years.

Now, Dustin Rhodes, her younger brother has started to push his family legacy further by appearing and wrestling in championships like WWE.

She is also popular due to her social media presence and her cheerful attitude towards her family and their fans.

Popular Family Members

Cody Rhodes

The American Nightmare; wrestler Cody Rhodes is the brother of Teil Runnels and son of the legendary Dusty Rodes. He began his career in wrestling in 2006 with winning the Triple Crown Championship. He played wrestling for 9 long years in WWE.

Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes is a legendary and one of the best wrestlers in history of American champions.He lived as an idol and unbeatable champion throughout his career.

He was also famous for his charming personality.  Dusty departed the world on June 11, 2015 due to Kidney Disease.

Dustin Rhodes

Dustin became famous due to his massive wins and pushing the legacy of his brother and father. Like the others to Rhodes, he had been the champion of various formats of Wrestling in America. During 1995 to 2018 he achieved many tenures in WWE.

Media Presence

Teils Runnels has appeared on various reality Television shows. That includes, American Nightmare: Becoming Cody Rhodes, Rhodes to the Top, AEW Dynamite and Biography: WWE Legends.

Teils owns an account on the social media platform, X, formerly known as Twitter with over 18K followers. She posts about her family members and cheers for them.


Teils Runnels is a famous media personality who keeps a low profile. Due to her wrestler father and brothers she became famous.