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Trishia Arrington, LaVar Arrington’s Wife


Trishia Arrington has a massive following on Instagram. Moreover, she is the famous wife of LaVar Arrington, a former decorated football linebacker. The couple have a stable and happy relationship and a thriving family. If your curiosity is to understand who LaVar Arrington is, this post shares most of the details you should know about her and her husband.

Understanding Who Trishia Arrington

Trishia is the wife of LaVar Arrington. Her husband is a famous former football linebacker who played for two teams in the NFL. Moreover, she is a fitness coach and has a huge Instagram family where she shares her fitness programs. She is a passionate fitness coach, and she shares different tips on her website and social media accounts.

Trishia Arrington was born in November 1981, and her birthplace is Maryland. She has dark brown hair and eye color.

Trishia’s Career

Although she attended university, what Trishia does is different from what she has pursued. Her profession is being a fitness coach. She has a dedicated Instagram profile where she teaches her followers on different fitness tips.

Moreover, she has a website dedicated to fitness. Trishia is passionate about being a fitness coach, and that’s what she does for a living. Besides, she is a fitness coach and instructor at Maranatha Baptist University. Although she is married to a famous person, most of her details are private. She doesn’t enjoy publicizing her life.

Aside from offering online fitness coaching services, Trishia has a Leap Management LLC company that she founded as a way to offer consulting services to athletes and entertainers. Still, she co-founded Xtreme Procision company dedicated to developing training products and offering other programs for football players.

Marriage and Family

Trishia is a wife and a mother. She enjoys a happy marriage with LaVar Arrington and shares a romantic relationship. The two met at an event, and from the first encounter, they started going out on dates and soon developed a romantic relationship that turned into marriage.

Trishia has been married for over 14 years and has four children with LaVar Arrington. Their children are Marlee, Penn, Laila, and LaVar Jr.

Who is Trishia’s Husband?

Trishia is married to LaVar Arrington. Her husband was born on June 20, 1978, and is a famous former American football player. His main role was being a linebacker, and he had a successful career in the NFL that lasted for seven seasons. Some of the teams he played for include Washington Redskins.

Trishia’s husband was born in Pittsburgh, and he began his football skills playing at North Hills Senior High School. As he worked on his skills, he was awarded the Parade National Player of 1996. This award opened more opportunities for his career as it led him to start working with reputable teams to further his career.

Arrington retired from American football in 2006. He opened an eatery proprietor in 2008, and he still runs it today. He is now a family man and enjoying time with his family.