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Valerie M. Richardson: A celebrity mother famous because of her daughter


There are certain people in the world who have to work really hard to achieve name and fame in the world but there are some who are privileged to get all that automatically because of some reasons. Valerie M. Richardson is the person who falls in the second category. She herself has not strived to earn popularity in the world but is still getting it because of her actress daughter, Haley Lu Richardson.

Here, let us discuss all about Valerie M. Richardson in detail.

Personal life

As we already said, Valerie M. Richardson herself is not a celebrity, finding anything significant about her early life is not really possible. Be it the names of her parents or date of birth, nothing is known to the public. However, we expect Valerie M. Richardson to be around 50 years old today because her actress daughter is 28 years old right now.

If you talk about the love life of Valerie M. Richardson, the lady is blessed with a long, happy, and stable married life and has been enjoying marital bliss for more than 40 years. The name of her husband is Forrest L. Richardson, who is 64 years old right now and is an architect by profession.

Parents and siblings 

Since the details related to the family background of Valerie M. Richardson never come out in public, you are unlikely to find anything about her parents and siblings.


The exact numbers of the kids of Valerie M. Richardson are not known to the public. There is information available about only one daughter of Valerie M. Richardson and she is no other than the renowned American actress Haley Lu Richardson.

Education and profession 

Valerie M. Richardson hasn’t opened her lips regarding her educational background. This is the reason you will not get anything about this life aspect of Valerie M. Richardson. However, we believe Valerie M. Richardson to be a highly educated lady because she is a graphic designer and branding expert by profession.

Reason for the popularity of Valerie M. Richardson 

Valerie M. Richardson has been professionally successful in her life without any doubt but she actually got public recognition only because of her daughter, Haley Lu Richardson, who is a young American actress who has managed to achieve success in the Hollywood film industry at the young age of only 28.

Net worth of Valerie M. Richardson 

Like the family details, Valerie M. Richardson has not spilled any beans about her earnings and income. Owing to the fact, you can’t get the exact numbers of the net worth of Valerie M. Richardson. However, with the fact that Valerie M. Richardson is the mother of an actress, she is enjoying a luxurious life right now. Her actress daughter, Haley Lu Richardson, is estimated to have around $5 million right now.


Although Valerie M. Richardson is not professionally active in the showbiz industry, she is as glamorous as her daughter. She is sometimes spotted with her actress daughter and this is when we get to capture her beauty.