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Want to build your dream home in a historic style? Here are some tips!

Want to build your dream home in a historic style

You’re about to build your home from scratch or bought one recently. However, you don’t want your home to look unique – like those cute, warm houses from the older eras. You don’t want it to be a copy of just another modern home down the lane.

Although you have a vision, you don’t know where to start. If this sounds familiar, let’s know some of the simplest ways to incorporate a historic style into your home!

1. Install a slate roof

Slate tile roofs are perfect to give your house the historic touch. Besides its high durability and cost-efficiency, its timeless matte look makes any house similar to heritage homes.

Moreover, it’s an environment-friendly and recyclable material. So, you can also seek recycled old slate tiles to get that “worn-out” look.

However, you must entrust only reputable slate roof installers for the job. Convey your plans and the look you want to achieve. They’ll coordinate with your home designer in the best way to provide satisfying results.

2. Incorporate a few old-style architectural features

Some of the most popular details in historic structures, like wood beams, railings, and crown molding, add great personality to your new house. So, let’s know about them here:

  • Exposed Wood Beams and Posts

This used to be trendy in North American homes back until the 1800s. The exposed posts and beams give your haven a farmhouse/cottage vibe. The rustic touch of wood also makes your home seem more spacious as it attracts attention towards the top.

  • Victorian-Styled Banisters

Popular in the 19th century, fences were featured along with carved wooden details for an interesting stairwell.

  • Crown Molding

This is a dramatic ornamental molding to join interior walls and ceilings. Popular from the traditional Greek and Roman architecture, this adds to the traditional looks and protects your walls from weather damage and pests.

3. Be wise about the flooring

According to Statista, the floor-covering market earned revenue of USD 16 billion in 2024. So, you’ll get many retro options to create a vintage look for your home. Some popular flooring materials you must consider are:

  • Hardwood

Hardwood is a wise option if you want a rustic cottage look. Choose salvaged or reclaimed hardwood materials for an additional rustic flair, and even ensure you go eco-friendly. Alternatively, go for geometric-patterned floors to mimic the old-school French floors.

  • Tile

You can also use tiles to achieve your goal. However, be cautious about the colors and styles of your tiles. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Use penny tile for bathrooms. It creates a distinctive focal point for your home.
  2. Go for patterned tiles with vintage designs. This makes the space seem unique.
  3. Incorporate black and white checkered tiles diagonally in the kitchen space. This makes your kitchen seem spacious, like those of the old days.

4. Choose an old-school color scheme

The right color scheme can also make you feel you’ve traveled back in time. Some of the most popular color choices for your home are:

  • Dark charcoal
  • Navy blue
  • Blue-Grey
  • Black trimmed dark paint
  • Off-white paint and accented trim
  • Forest green
  • Pale warm green
  • Deep burgundy

Alternatively, you can skip the paint and go for a 1900s retro look with wallpapers. Nowadays, the peel-and-stick options are pretty easy to use and much quicker to install.

5. Get vintage doors

Opt for doors that imitate older era with carvings or rustic dark and warm brown colors. Avoid using metal doors even in your garage. You can also invest in a Dutch door to make it stand out.

If you have flat interior doors, apply trim to create a traditional paneled look at low cost. You can opt for builder’s grade interior doors.

6. Upgrade the cabinet hardware

Ensure every cabinet goes along with the look of traditional homes. Switch out the modern aluminum/acrylic pulls of cabinets, desks, drawers, dressers, and closets with glass knobs. These give a feel of the early 1900s.

7. Change the switches

Check out antique shops for switches of the old days. Or check for builder’s grade light switches and outlet plates in any electrical store. Browse for any plain and matte options.

8. Don’t buy matching furniture

Furniture of the same color/style gives your home a modern look. On the other hand, you can buy different furniture from different stores to create a mismatched look.

You can also buy furniture from salvage shops, Craigslist, or antique stores to make some seem like decade-old heirlooms.

9. Focus on retro water outlets

Note how many down water outlets your home needs. Some are kitchen and bathroom sinks, faucets, and bathtubs. If there’s any single-handle style outlet, switch to double-handled ones.

On the other hand, go for white or porcelain ceramic sinks. Stainless steel gives a modern touch.

If you’re ready to invest a lot, try claw foot tubs with a pedestal sink in your bathroom. In the kitchen, a farmhouse-style sink is great.


With these slight updates, you can bring alive your dream of a historic-themed home. So, immediately determine what changes you want to invest in and seek a home designer!