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What Jobs Are Available In Kenya

What Jobs Are Available In Kenya

Thinking of a career in Kenya? Puzzled about what jobs are there? This article gives you a quick overview. Learn about the Kenyan job market and decide your future path. Get the info you need to make the right choices for your future!


In Kenya, there are plenty of job opportunities for locals and foreign nationals. Popular industries include:

  • Banking & finance roles can be from tellers to execs & financial analysts.
  • Agriculture offers farming, research, and distribution jobs.
  • Hospitality and tourism roles are in high demand. This includes hotel management, travel agents, and tour guides.
  • Lastly, transportation roles such as drivers, delivery personnel, and logistics experts are also sought after.

So, whatever your skill set, interests, and experience, there’s something for you in Kenya!

Types of Jobs in Kenya

Kenya presents a wide variety of job openings for people with diverse talents and qualifications. Here are the top job types in Kenya:

  1. Agriculture and farming jobs: There are numerous jobs available in this sector, including farm managers, vets, and agricultural engineers. This is because agriculture is a key part of Kenya’s economy.
  2. Sales and marketing jobs: With the development of the Kenyan market, there are many job opportunities in sales and marketing, such as digital marketing and sales reps.
  3. Teaching and education jobs: Kenya keeps emphasizing education, so there is an ever-increasing need for teachers and education professionals.
  4. Health sector jobs: There are many healthcare-related jobs accessible, such as medical practitioners, nurses, and public health officials.
  5. Information technology-related jobs: As Kenya has become a tech hub in Africa, there is a high demand for IT professionals, like software developers, systems administrators, and network engineers.

These are only a few of the various job types available in Kenya, with new openings always coming up in different sectors.

Industries with the Most Job Openings

The Kenyan job market has many industries looking for skilled workers. Four of these are:

  1. Healthcare – needing doctors, nurses and other professionals.
  2. ICT – software developers, data analysts, cybersecurity experts and more.
  3. Agriculture – farming, agribusiness, marketing, distribution.
  4. Manufacturing – producing consumer goods in production, quality assurance, management, logistics.

If you want to get hired, improve your skills and qualifications. Research the industry, assess your abilities and focus on professional development.

Job Prospects in Kenya

Kenya has many job options in various industries, presenting chances for job seekers with diverse skills and qualifications.

A few of the job prospects in Kenya are:

  • Agriculture: It’s an essential part of Kenya and gives lots of jobs in production, processing, marketing, and exploration.
  • Healthcare: This sector is developing fast, and there is a great call for medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, and chemists.
  • Education: With a high literacy rate, there are plenty of openings for teachers, trainers, and school directors.
  • IT: It’s one of the quickest-growing fields in Kenya, with more chances for software engineers, database administrators, and system analysts.
  • Tourism and Hospitality: With its amazing wildlife and beautiful landscapes, Kenya has a booming tourism industry, offering chances for hotel managers, tour guides, and travel agents.

Qualifications Required for Jobs in Kenya

In Kenya, most jobs need a bachelor’s degree – but some technical vocations just need a high school diploma or certification. Most employers want someone who has experience in the field, too.

Here are some of the more popular work opportunities in Kenya:

  1. IT, Software, & Programming;
  2. Finances & Accounting;
  3. Human Resource Management;
  4. Sales & Marketing;
  5. Engineering & Architecture;
  6. Healthcare & Medicine;
  7. Education & Training;
  8. Digital Marketing & Social Media Management;
  9. Agriculture & Agricultural Research;
  10. Renewable Energy & Environmental Conservation.

To get a job in Kenya, it’s important to have the proper qualifications and certifications for your desired career. Also, networking with industry people & employers may open doors to new possibilities.

Tips for Finding Jobs in Kenya

Kenya’s economy offers plenty of job options. Here are five tips to help you find them:

  1. Check out online job boards & classifieds like BrighterMonday & Fuzu.
  2. Ask your network for leads.
  3. Research companies & check their websites for vacancies.
  4. Work with recruitment agencies in your field.
  5. Follow companies & professionals on social media.

From hospitality to healthcare, there’s a range of industries to explore. Pro tip: Customize your CV & research the company & position before interviews.

Benefits of Working in Kenya

Benefits of Working in Kenya and What Jobs Are Available in Kenya

Working in Kenya offers many advantages:

  1. Professional and personal growth.
  2. Good salaries and benefits.
  3. Cultural immersion and diversity.
  4. Exposure to new markets and industries.
  5. Outdoor adventures and natural beauty.

Kenya has a diverse economy, with job roles in Agriculture, Tourism, Finance, Manufacturing, and Telecommunications. These include managers, engineers, consultants, marketers, and customer service reps. The most sought-after jobs in Kenya are in IT and Technology due to the country’s progress in this area.


To sum up, Kenya has numerous job openings in many industries. From agriculture to tech, healthcare to education and more, there’s plenty to pick from.

But, the competition for work in Kenya is intense. You need the right know-how and experience to stand out. Networking and building connections with employers can also help.

To increase your chances of a job in Kenya, use online portals, go to job fairs, and contact recruitment agencies.

At last, if you put in effort, stay determined, and have the right qualifications, you can find enjoyable and profitable job prospects in Kenya.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some of the most popular jobs available in Kenya?

Some of the most popular jobs available in Kenya include roles in finance, marketing, healthcare, education, hospitality, and technology.

2. What are the requirements for getting a job in Kenya?

The requirements for getting a job in Kenya vary depending on the role and the employer. Generally, a jobseeker will need to have the required education, skills, and experience for the job. Some roles may also require relevant licenses or certifications.

3. How can I find job vacancies in Kenya?

You can find job vacancies in Kenya through various channels like online job portals, company websites, recruitment agencies, local newspapers, and social media. Networking with professionals in your field and attending job fairs can also help you find job opportunities.

4. What are the average salaries for different jobs in Kenya?

The salary for different jobs in Kenya varies depending on the industry, job level, and experience. As of 2021, the average monthly salary for a junior accountant is KSh. 50,000, while a senior software developer earns an average of KSh. 200,000.

5. Are there opportunities for foreigners to work in Kenya?

Yes, there are opportunities for foreigners to work in Kenya. However, they will need to have the necessary visas and work permits. Some companies also offer jobs to expatriates with relevant skills and experience.

6. Can I start my own business in Kenya?

Yes, you can start your own business in Kenya. The country has a supportive environment for entrepreneurship, with various government initiatives and funding opportunities. However, starting a business in Kenya requires careful planning and research.