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Meet Taylor Ayanna Crawford, Yolanda Adam’s Daughter


Yolanda Adams is a decorated American gospel singer, producer, and actress. Her fame in the industry has made fans curious to know more about her family. Our focus today is on Taylor Ayanna Crawford. Her recognition is thanks to her mother’s popularity, and we will dig deeper into her to understand her biography and other life details.

Biography of Taylor Ayanna Crawford

Taylor Ayanna Crawford is best described as the daughter of ‘First Lady of Modern Gospel.’ Her mother is an American gospel singer, and her hard work in the industry has brought her fame, which has spread to her family.

The celebrity kid was born on January 26, 2001. She is an American national, and her parents are African-American. She is the daughter of Yolenda Adams and Tim Crawford. Her father is a former NFL player, and his reputation is mainly because he was drafted alongside big names like Lesli O’Neal. Taylor’s father was born a Texas native, and her mother was also born in Houston, Texas.

Her parents’ relationship faced turbulence, and Taylor ended up growing up with her mother due to the separation. Taylor Ayanna is the only child of her parents. Despite them separating, her parents have no other child, making her enjoy single-child benefits from her parents’ bountiful life. At some point, her mother was pregnant when she married Tim Crawford, but it’s reported that she had a miscarriage.

Education and Career

Taylor has a 6-foot-tall mother, and her father is an athlete. Thus, it’s no surprise that she also has a 6 feet height. Luckily, she has maximized her height and taken a modeling career. She is a runaway and brand model and is active on Instagram, where she shares her modeling posts.

As for her education, her high school is unknown, but she graduated and joined Howard University. Information about the career she is taking is not revealed. Upon joining the university, that’s when Taylor ended up moving out of her mother’s home to live alone while pursuing her studies.

Meet Taylor Ayanna’s Mother

Taylor Ayanna shares a strong mother-daughter bond with her mother. Her mother often shares posts on her Instagram showing moments when she is with her daughter. Her captions confirm her love for her daughter.

Besides, Taylor is supportive of her mother. We’ve seen different posts where she joins her mother in her career events, such as the BET Awards. Being the only child, it’s understandable and expected that she would have a strong bond with her mother.

Taylor’s mother has been in two marriages. She was first married to Troy Maon in 1987. The marriage lasted three years, and they separated in 1990. Yolanda separated from her first marriage following domestic violence.

She then met Tim Crawford, and they started dating. They fell in love and married in 1997. This time, her marriage lasted 5 years, and they had one child. They separated when Taylor was three years old, for undisclosed reasons.