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Yuka Ruell Profession, Notable Works, Net Worth, & More


Yuka Ruell is an American actress, model, and editor. She is the wife of American director and photographer, Aaron Ruell. In this article we will talk about her profession, work, personal life and more, so read further to get all the information.

Quick Bio

Yuka Ruell is a popular actress, costume designer and editor. She was born in Los Angeles, California, USA. Her date of birth is not known, which she never shared. The data regarding her early childhood and parents’ names is also not available. She stands 5’8” tall.

Personal Life

Yuka Ruell married Aaron Ruell. They had been dating each other for a long time and ultimately resulted in marriage. Their marriage date is not made public. They have been living a beautiful married life ever since. They have four children together. They resided in Pasadena, California for some years. They then moved to Portland, Oregon and currently reside here with their children.

All About Her Husband

The American director, photographer, and actor, Derek Aaron Ruell, was born on June 23, 1976. He was born into a Mormon family. His birthplace was Fresno, California, USA, and he was raised in nearby Clovis. His parents’ details are not shared by him. He completed his high school at Clovis West High School. After graduation, he studied film at Brigham Young University.

Aaron Ruell is a successful commercial director and photographer. In 2009, he was featured as one of the most promising new directors in the world of advertising by Shoot magazine. He has been a commercial director for clients such as T-Mobile, Nintendo, Coke, and Burger King. He has written and directed two films namely, “Everything’s Gone Green and Mary”, premiered at Sundance Film Festival (2005). He and his wife, Yuka Ruell, were the members of the Los Angeles Latebirds, an official Moped Army Branch. In the movie “Napoleon Dynamite,” he played the role of Kipland Dynamite, his wife appeared in it as well.

Aaron’s Well-Known Works

  • Think Tank
  • On the Road With Judas
  • Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Career and Profession

She has been interested in acting since school days. She took the career of acting, and established herself as an independent famous actress. In her career, she got an opportunity to work with multiple stars like Lance Robertson, Erin Pearce, Emma Petrose, etc. By profession,she is an actress, screenplay writer, and designer.

Notable Works

  • Bad Boys II (2003)
  • Napoleon Dynamite (2004)
  • Gentlemen Broncos (2009)

Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of more than 8 million USD. This comes primarily from her profession as an actress and costume designer.


  • She loves animals, mostly cats and dogs.
  • She is a traveller, she has visited many picturesque places including Russia, Italy, London, and Paris.
  • She looks stunning, attractive and captivating.
  • She is a well-known social media influencer and television personality.
  • In 2007, she worked as a screenplay writer in the T.V. series named “Yo Gabba Gabba.”


Yuka Ruell, an aspiring actress, a media personality, a costume designer and model, is known for her excellence in acting and modeling. She is not only a good actress but also a great mother, wife and good-hearted woman. She is a hard-working and talented woman. She will garner more achievements and success in her life.